~The Manifestation~ pg 5


The scream that rent the air reverberated inside his head and shook him to the core. With a snap Civyl released his grip and stumbled back falling to the ground with a huff that cut the shriek short. It had been his own. Labored gasps sounded above him as he stared unbelieving at his hands and the bandage she had so carefully tied for him… his promise… forsaken promise… 

The curse he had uttered earlier came back to haunt him. The words had been familiar to his tongue but foreign to his ears and their meaning now took on a new light. She was supposed to be his promise and for the last day he had indeed been trying to forsake her. From his own mouth had come the blasphemy of his vile intent. What kind of monster was he? She was a burden, yes, but to kill her…? How could he even consider it? He did not deserve her.

Another thought caught in his mind that should have eased his discomfort though it did just the opposite. She was not really his promise at all. She had been the promise of the man he used to be. He had no right …or desire… to claim her. At least that is what he told himself.

The ache of the mountain was on his back. He had to keep moving. Struggling up Civyl forced himself to look at her, still unchanged from before except for her neck where blotchy red marks were deepening their hue as he watched. Something inside him shifted into place as he made a conscious decision. He would not hurt her again. Never again would he allow any harm to come to her if he could prevent it. His next breath was a cleansing fullness as if chains constricting his ribs had suddenly fallen away.

The End

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