~The Manifestation~ pg 4


He had removed over a dozen embedded shards from his flesh already and over a dozen more waited for his attention. Blasted Bedrock! He had been so close! But he had not expected her to come. No, that had been a surprise; for her to find him so soon. The girl was more powerful than he had thought. …powerful and dangerous!

With a sigh he glanced up at his Lucent Divide… the gaping chunk of missing crystal would take him a week to re-grow… if he didn’t sleep. Which meant it would be over a week before he could try again. They might be at the pass by then. He cursed himself with a growl; he should have gone with the knife instead. It would have been so easy to kill her with a knife… one slice across her throat and he would have been free of her. 

He could not allow them to reach the pass… He would not let them stop him! 

The Manifestation would cleanse the earth!

The End

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