~The Manifestation~ pg 3

In a blink, he plunged his hands into the blood smeared rock and it was like he had reached across whatever distance separated him from her. Hands wrapped around her neck. The wind reacted with a vicious blast but the man stood anchored with his hold on her as his cloak whipped wildly around his body. “Kill the girl… Kill the girl!” He screamed the command again with a wicked smile and tightened his grip. 

She was the wind – made of the very air – but she could no longer breathe.  

This stranger wanted her dead… though she did not know who he was. He was about to kill her… though she did not know why. She would never see Kavaccet again or her mother or The Wisdom… or Civyl. One last time she wanted to scream but even if she had her body with her, she knew no sound would be able to come out. Still, as if brought to life by her desire, a scream started to echo against the inside of her being. It found its way into the wavering crystal as its volume and pitch rose. The reddened crystal around the man’s hands cracked and shattered into a million flying shards as she was released to be one with her element again. The wind quickly retreated the way it had come as the man’s enraged curses filled in the spaces where she had just been. Whatever angry message he howled, she knew it was meant for her.

The End

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