~The Manifestation~

She was flying. She was the wind, blowing across the land faster than a bird could soar. She did not have any agenda nor did she care to have one. Free to go wherever she might, Fiora only enjoyed it. Trees whipped by underneath her too fast to identify the type.  Flatlands gave way to foothills as she crept higher to play with the clouds. The mountain pass of Enundale loomed, currently free of the shadow of its snow-topped peaks. Whether it be her curiosity or some other reason, she slowed to stir the fallen leaves at the place where Civyl so urgently felt he needed to be. There was no sign of why the place might be important. It looked to be a rather disused path. Indeed, she could not recall hearing of any other Kavaccetian that had made this trek. Hopefully when they arrived, the reason for coming would be made clear. 

Fiora took a moment to observe in the lands beyond the mountain. Most maps in Kavaccet ended at the range of Enundale, as if there was nothing on the other side. The first time she had asked The Wisdom about it, she was told that there was more than enough on this side of the mountain to give her a lifetime of learning. Had the Lady known then where Fiora would be led to go? If so, she had given no indication.

She turned her attention back towards Kavaccet – back towards home – and was sad that she could not see her city at the end of the mountain stream. The forests were too dense around it or the buildings too small to distinguish from the other dots of color on the horizon. Too far… she had flown too far already. With a pang of home-sickness she wished she could go back; perhaps stir the air around her mother, or better yet – another listener who could convey her message of missing her. 

Fiora took off at gale force but would have screamed if she still had lungs to do so. She was going in the opposite direction. Down the far side of the mountain she flew, farther and farther from everything she had ever known. All sight of Kavaccet was swallowed up as she was hurtled into a strange land with strange trees and strange animals… or was she dragged? 

The End

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