~The Tether~ pg 5

The thought was so abrupt it caused him to stumble. His knees hit the dirt close enough to see her bare toes peeking out from under her gown. Was that really an option to him? Did he really want to go that far? A hunger that warned of starvation pulled him towards the mountain again. She was a burden forced on him by invisible chains. His indignation rose and his sense of justice demanded resolve. If it could free him for his quest… Yes! Kill the girl… 

He picked himself up and brushed himself off. She still stood as statuesque as before with her head tipped up exposing her vulnerable neck. It would be so easy to kill her. A knife across her throat and he would be free of her. “Why do you taunt me?!” he yelled at her unmoving form. “You are a burden to my quest! You hold me back from the mountain!” he closed the gap between them a fiery fury searing through his veins. “Say something!” he shouted, but she did not.  

In a blink he found his fingers wrapped around her neck, heartbeat thrumming a rapid pace under his touch. Civyl’s mind echoed the hate filled thought over and over, Kill the girl… Kill the girl! Rage blinded him as his fingers began to squeeze. Soon he would be free. She gurgled as her lungs tried to fill with the element he was denying them and he clamped down harder. 

He would be rid of her once and for all!

The End

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