~The Tether~ pg 4


He took the otherwise wasted time to eat a quick lunch and visit the brook for a drink and a wash. She still had not moved from her spot after a good twenty ticks and Civyl was losing patience. The pull of the mountain dug into him like a fishhook on Mount Enundale’s line and his gaze turned to his goal. He wasn’t going to wait for her. 

Civyl took off towards the mountain being careful to keep the brook’s babble close to his right. Maybe if she was otherwise occupied – and he paid careful attention – he’d be able to slip away from her hold. The further he got from her, though, the more difficult it was to concentrate. While the sound of the brook never left his ear, he did not notice that it had switched sides until he wandered right back to her again. Could he not be rid of her?! 

He turned on his heel angry with himself for not noticing sooner, and took slow and deliberate steps away from the girl counting his paces. Each one seemed harder to take. With each one his anger at her grew. Weights were being added to his legs until at almost one hundred he could not lift them for another step. There was no doubt in his mind now. An enchantment held him and he could not leave her behind. 

Furious resignation set in as he closed his good eye; he was stuck with the girl. When he opened it again, he found his feet beating a frantic pace back the way he had come. Without the conscious effort to leave, his body unconsciously returned to her side. It was infuriating but what could he do?

Kill the girl…

The End

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