~The Tether~ pg 3

Her eyes popped open as the wind took bodily form in front of her with a smile. She had never seen her element like this before and was awestruck. She couldn’t look away and she didn’t want to. It consumed all her senses; there was only the wind – nothing else. It teased her hair and ruffled her skirt as misty hands reached out to take hers. Who are you? she asked.

But the wind only laughed – an airy rustle, Youuu knoooow mmeeeee.

Still unable to take in what was happening, she asked a different question. What does this mean?

Again the wind laughed as its hands brushed their way up her arms, passed her shoulders, and cupped both sides of her face. There was a light in its eyes that shown with silver as it brought its face intimately close. She was not afraid. The wind had cradled her since she’d been born. It was the one constant that she could always count on. She did know the wind and it knew her, better than she knew herself. …veeeesssssaaaal… The word was a kiss that parted her lips and she did not resist.

The wind rejoiced with a whoosh as she breathed it in. It filled her lungs and her limbs and her soul until there was no difference between them. They were one. They were the wind.

The End

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