~The Tether~ pg 2


Fiora had never listened for so long. She had never had the opportunity. Every day had been scheduled for her with a variety of studies including cultural humanities, etiquette, negotiation skills, geography, plant identification, elemental respect, fire waking, water purification, earth abundance, and – for one small part of the day – wind reading, which wasn’t even the same as listening. Everyone can learn to read the wind, but the wind speaks to only those of its element. That did not touch the time spent learning and appreciating the arts or learning to defend from and defeat an enemy. No, it was a rare occasion that she had the luxury of listening to the wind for a full tick let alone half a day. At least that was one thing she could be grateful for now; limitless listening.

So in tuned with the whispers on her skin, she had closed her eyes and trusted them completely to carry her onward. Like basking in the embrace of a loved one’s arms – being few and far between in her life – Fiora let herself enjoy the ever present company of the breeze. If she never had to do anything else, she would be happy. With a sigh of contentment she thanked her element and offered a heartfelt homage, May I never be without your touch.

Fiora, Fioooora… Fiooooraaaa. Her name breathed across her cheek and tickled her toes. She couldn’t stop the corners of her mouth from lifting. It seemed the wind was just as happy to be with her. As if in response to her smile, it whispered her name again up and down her arms causing her to shiver. Fioooorrrrraaa… 

The End

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