~The Tether~


The sun was high over their heads before Civyl felt the first pangs of hunger in his belly. He glanced at the girl who strode relentlessly forward without a word. Never too fast to keep up with but never too slow for his urge to press on. Something had definitely changed in her demeanor towards him. Perhaps just the sting of being reminded her father was dead but this seemed a long time to brood. 

He was about to suggest that they stop for noonday meal when she stopped dead in her tracks. He swerved and stumbled to avoid running into her, an exclamation of disdain poured instinctively from his throat, “Forsaken Promise, girl!” Irritatingly she completely ignored him and stood stoic and silent with the wind that spun gently around her the only sign of movement. With a growl, he straightened up and moved around her. “If you’re not going to give some warning maybe you shouldn’t take the lead.” She did not respond to his outburst. She didn’t even look at him. He turned to stare her down, “Hey, are you listening to me?” Nothing. She didn’t even blink. Civyl leaned in closer giving her arm a shove, “Girl?”

With a whoosh that sent leaves flying skyward her head snapped up to the treetops and Civyl stumbled back a step. When he looked again, her unblinking eyes were glazed over with swirling clouds and silver streaks. Her lips parted in shallow gasps of fear or awe or both. He gave both her shoulders a gentle shake, “Hey, snap out of it,” but no amount of noise or nudging would rouse her. 

Dew-soaked Tinder! What new sorcery was this… and how long would it delay him?

The End

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