~The Listener~

Civyl put the remaining embers of fire to sleep with the rest of his canteen of water. The girl has asked for a few minutes of privacy by the brook and he was more than happy to allow it. He did not want her to witness his current distress. His hands trembled when he retrieved his pack and he took several deep breaths trying to calm himself in futility.

He was shaken; his stomach tied in knots. …he had almost killed her. The physical ache in Civyl’s belly was more misery, by far, than his hand or arm. A wrenching made worse by sight of the finger shaped bruises on her arms where he had grabbed her the night before. No more pseudo-guilt over things he did not remember from his former life. True guilt now twisted his insides.

But why did he care?? He didn’t even know her. He hated that he cared! He had known the girl would be trouble from the very start and he had tried to leave her behind… twice! How could he have circled around?? He’d kept the sound of the brook to his right, hadn’t he? Now that he tried to focus on it, he couldn’t be sure. Time and energy had been wasted trying to separate himself from her. Again! He was starting to think it wasn’t his sense of direction. He was starting to fear it was something darker.

Was it another enchantment, like her power over the wind? That she could keep him tethered to her even while she slept? It did not seem possible, but then again, neither did the wind answering a mere girl’s request. More than ever he wished to be rid of her. More than a distraction, she was dangerous. 

The End

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