~The Forbidden~ pg 7

She started wrapping his arm in her white silks wishing that the dress had meant something more and fell into silence while she worked. His gruff voice was barely a whisper but the wind carried it clearly to her ear, “The fire said my name.” She looked up at his shining eye, distant in the memory. “It was so beautiful, dancing with joy… I felt like it wanted me to join in the dance, right before it…” he broke off with only a nod at his arm.

Fiora nodded as she tied the final knots. “It is your element,” she said gently then smiled at her own memory. “When I was a little girl you did dance with the fire, in the Courts of The Wisdom for whoever cared to watch. Lady Darya always said it was for my entertainment, but I’m pretty sure she really liked watching you, too.”

She kept her eyes on his arm even though she was done dressing it until the silence dragged on too long for even her comfort. “I should pack,” she said crisply as she rocked back on her feet. “Don’t want to keep the mountain pass waiting.”

He caught her hand with his fingers before she pulled away and she looked into his searching face. “Why did the fire forsake me?”

She knew the question had been coming and was ready to answer it. “Because you used it to kill a man.”

Fiora straightened up and stretched then offered him a hand to stand up. He blinked at the offer before deciding to take it. He still groaned in pain at the pull on his arm. This was going to be a long journey… “Can you at least try to be more careful from now on?” she let a smile cross her lips when he frowned at her. Surely she must sound like a clucking hen in his ears, but maybe a little chiding was what he needed right now. She placed her hand on his good arm and made sure she had his attention. “If you ever survive past having The Sight, I want you in one piece.”

The End

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