~The Forbidden~ pg 6

It must have gotten through to him because he made no move except to fold his legs under himself and sit up straighter. Fiora gave him a curt nod and ignored his confusion when she started lifting her skirt. There were a couple of layers to her dress. The middle ones would be the cleanest for his bandages.

She used the knife to cut the silk into strips and kneeled in front of him with them. He did not complain as she inspected his wounds closer. It was not as bad as she had first though. His hand was only blistered and boasting an angry red. As long as the blisters did not open up there would be no chance for infection. Still to protect the damaged skin while it healed, she wrapped it in the silk securely. 

His forearm, however, was much worse. The skin was broken and bleeding in an area as big as an apple. He had not cooled it down quickly enough and if he used the water from the brook to wash it… infection was likely to follow. 

Still, if she could draw out some of its heat and dry the area thoroughly, there might be less chance for the infection to fester. With a twirl of her finger, she brought a cool breeze to blow across his arm and Civyl sighed in momentary relief. He watched her with a curious expression and she finally gave in to breaking the silence. “You have a question for me?” 

He seemed hesitant, rethinking the way he would talk to her she hoped. “How do you do that?” he finally asked.

“Move the air?” she clarified with a shrug, “It is my element. It speaks to me and I listen. It also listens when I speak. So right now I asked the wind to blow across your arm to cool it down and dry the wound.” He listened intently and nodded as she cut away the useless tatters of his sleeve. “I’ve talked to the wind for so long that sometimes I don’t even have to think about what I want; the wind just knows.”

The End

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