~The Forbidden~ pg 5

She started to get up but he gasped in pain when she tried to push off of his arm. She froze as she looked at him in concern. “What is it? Did the snake bite you?” but her eyes found the charred remains of his shirt sleeve and she groaned with chiding. “Oh Civyl… I told you! The fire forbids you use it.” He looked away sheepishly as she scooted backwards off his lap. “Here, let me look at it.”

He pulled away, though, and started to get up. “No, it’s fine. We’ve wasted enough of the morning. You need to pack.”

“It’s not fine, Civyl. It needs to be dressed so it doesn’t become infected.” She caught his hand to pull him back but he jerked it away with another gasp. The fresh blisters on his palm were clear in the morning light. “Your hand, too?!” she exclaimed with reproach.

“It’s nothing, girl!” he snapped stomping away from her.

Fiora’s ire rose in the face of his blatant disregard for his own health and his insistence to consider her a child. No more niceties, she would show him what he had forgotten she was capable of.  “Civyl Tor Dyias,” she shouted as the air around her feet started to whip into a frenzy. “You will sit down and hold still while I take care of your wounds or so help me I’ll…”

“You’ll what?!” he spun around brandishing his knife with a dangerous glint in his eye. It reminded her of the hours they had spent sparring as part of her training, but Fiora had never before feared that he might actually hurt her.

She had surprise on her side in this fight, at least. With a sweep of her arm a gust of wind came down from the north enough to make him stumble back. As he tried to right himself and brace against the wind she switched to a counter-gust from the south that used his own momentum to send him staggering over her pack. As his body fell forward, his hand dropped the knife and a pulling blast from the west snatched it out of the air burying it next to her bare toe.  

He lay sprawled face forward for a few stunned moments before rolling over to stare at her in surprise. Fiora dropped her arms and grabbed up the knife walking towards him with a scowl. She pointed the tip of the dagger at him and yelled, “Now sit there! I don’t want to hear another word about wasting time. What good is your mission if you die of infection on the way?”

The End

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