~The Forbidden~ pg 3

Bah! What did he care? If the girl tried to follow him, that was her own folly! Still, though, it nagged at him. Civyl’s eye fell on the pack next to the sleeper - lumpy with provisions - and a darker thought crept into his mind. If he took the man’s pack with him, he wouldn’t have to slow down to hunt and forage as soon. All he’d have to do is sneak over and cut the man’s throat while he slept effectively killing two rabbits with one arrow. He wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of the girl and he’d be able to get to the mountain faster. With a cringe he imagined the girl trying to track him and coming upon this scene. Surely she would not want to be a companion to a murderer… All the better, indeed.

Mind made up, Civyl lowered his pack soundlessly and withdrew the dagger from his boot. At least it was his left hand that had been burned and not his weapon wielding one. In the rising light he snuck closer to the burlap wrapped stranger. May the Wisdom forgive him for taking another’s life, but his mission was so urgent… perhaps the protection of the girl would ease his need for later atonement. 

Only two steps more and he could strike. His adrenaline started pumping with the thought. He glanced around quickly, noting no other weapons lying next to the man, except maybe that large club left carelessly on the opposite side of the fire. Civyl lifted his head for a better look at it, good eye registering one charred end. His mind worked in two different directions as he reached his target. One part of him lifted his arm for the strike just as the other recognized the torch he had thrown to the ground just ticks earlier. His heart beat out a ferocious rhythm as his confusion settled into horror at what his knife was ready to do. The lump beneath him rustled and rolled bringing her face into view as his hunter’s instincts drove his arm down for the kill.

The End

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