~The Forbidden~ pg 2

Thankfully the girl still slept. He bit his lip to hold back the moan when he painfully pulled the stopper off his canteen and poured some of the water onto his wounds. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched as the torch went back to sleep. Had the flame really attacked him? …or had he just gotten too close? Civyl shook his head at the ridiculous thought. It did not matter anyway because the sky was beginning to brighten. He’d be able to see well enough without a torch. 

With one final look over his shoulder at the blanketed girl Civyl hefted his pack and took off to the northeast. He breathed a sigh of relief when he finally started putting some distance between them. Even though his arm stung like a Kracken’s Whip he didn’t let it slow him down as he started to jog. If he kept up his pace he'd be able to regain the ground he had lost with her yesterday. He might even have a couple miles head start by the time she woke, and he smiled at the though. Just as quickly, the familiar guilt wiped it off his face. He shoved it away with anger at himself for letting it bother him. She was a distraction! And one he couldn’t afford. 

After a good thirty ticks of jogging, the smell of smoke tickled his nose. There was another campfire smoldering up ahead and he slowed to a crawl so he could skirt any travelers without a fuss. He kept the clearing to his right as he snuck past noting just one lump sleeping near the fire. Most likely a gruff, bearded loner… possibly trying to evade the laws of Kavaccet. With a sudden sense of worry he wondered if the girl might try to follow him and wander upon this traveler alone… Would she be safe?

The End

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