~The Forbidden~

It was hours till sunrise but Civyl was already up. He packed as quietly as he could so he wouldn’t wake the girl. The sooner he separated himself from her the better, for both their sakes he reasoned since she was only half a day’s walk from Kavaccet. She could return to town easily enough and he would be free of her burden. At least that’s what he kept telling himself.

It was still dark so he had prepared a torch to take with him. The girl’s admonitions about not wielding the fire made him feel like a fool for listening. It was nonsense that the fire would have anything against him. She had made it up to mock him for being harsh to her, he was sure. He stuck the end of the torch into the red hot embers smiling when the waking flames started to lick their way up the oil soaked head. 

He pulled the torch back and held it aloft… such a beautiful display of hungry colors dancing just for him; he could not look away. Forbidden to wield the flame? Ha! If anything, the fire was calling to him, whispering his name with overlapping crackles and hisses. Civyl, Civyl… Civyl. It was a siren song rejoicing in his presence, eager to dance with him. The flames leapt from the torch to meet him with a gentle caress and for a moment Civyl felt like he had found something dear to him that he had lost a long time ago. 

The moment was fleeting, though, as an intense heat reared up and the fire snarled angrily catching on his shirt sleeve. Civyl was so startled that he threw the torch away from him. It landed with a thud in the dirt and sputtered while he tried frantically to pat down the fire that blazed on his arm without crying out in pain. When he finally managed to smother it back to sleep, both his hand and arm were charred and blistering. Tears of Wisdom!! How could he be so careless?? 

The End

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