~The Promise~ pg 5

He turned his back to her and the fire pit feeling an inexplicable sense of loss though he wasn’t sure from what. Best not to think about it then. It would also be a distraction to his goal. The mountain pass in a fortnight was difficult to begin with. It would be worse with his late start and he didn’t see it getting better while she tagged along. Instead of thinking, he ate, not caring if the girl had remembered provisions of her own. If he rationed his dried fruit and salted pork it should last him another four days. He would have to keep his eyes open for hunting and foraging opportunities on the way.

The crackle of burning sticks startled him as he turned to see she had awoken the fire. “What are you doing, girl? I thought you said no fire!”

Her eyes flared in disdain. “My name is Fiora!” she spat, though her demeanor quickly changed to thoughtful. “The fire has forbidden you to wake it. It has not forbidden me.” He thought he caught a slight smile cross her face. “Do not fear, my Civyl. You will not freeze tonight. I promise.” The breeze blew a stray hair out of her face as it brought a tinkling of laughter to his ear, though he did not understand what she found funny.

The End

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