~The Promise~ pg 4

An indignant anger rose from his belly hotter than the White Flame of Tarous. He scrambled to his feet in a rage. “Stupid girl! You’ve ruined it!” He raised his arm to strike her but the look on her face stayed his hand. Scared, yes, but not of him. Scared of the fire that she constantly glanced down at. Instead he grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and shook her as he growled. “Do you want to freeze tonight, girl?!”

Her eyes were moist but defiant in the face of his berating. “Do you remember nothing?!” she asked as if it would be enough to answer her erratic behavior. When he didn’t give her a reply her voice was urgent on the verge of breaking. “The fire has forbidden you to wake it! Civyl, my Civyl, it would consume you if you tried!” He loosened his grip at her admonition trying to understand her words. Forbidden by the fire? It didn’t make sense, but her fear for him was real. 

She reached up a hand to stroke the right side of his face with a tenderness that his anger did not deserve. He could barely feel her fingertips as they traced a bumpy line from his eyebrow to his cheekbone, “You have been marked by the flame,” she whispered with a catch in her voice. “It… it has rejected you as a wielder.” His hand followed the same line to feel the scar that existed where his right eye should be. He hadn’t even noticed his tapered vision… What else did the girl know about him that he did not?

His hand came to rest on hers where she held his cheek and she smiled at him. It twisted his insides and reminded him of something he had forgotten. She was a distraction. He shoved her hand away ignoring her frown and allowed himself to wallow in his anger as he addressed her gruffly. “Fine, no fire. Did you get the water at least, girl?”

Her own anger flared at him. Good. Perhaps it would make her leave. “Here is your water, sir.” She shoved the canteen out towards him and spat on the ground. Coming from her, it seemed a curse. All the better. He took it and went to sit by his pack. It was going to be a cold night. The girl in the sleeveless gown would surely regret losing the warmth. 


The End

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