~The Promise~

But what was the promise for?

The question had been running through her mind since they left. She’d thought she had known… for years they had both been so sure… 

The promise was a gift from The Wisdom of Kavaccet to the men of her province after they came of age. No man was required to seek his promise though there were few who would refuse. Each was welcome to claim it at any time after their sixty-fifth season though none knew what their promise would be until Lady Darya spoke the words. It could take many forms. A scholarly education, intense weapons training, material possession, or… the promise of a Kavaccet Bloom. 

Any daughter of promise that was not yet of age would move to the Sanctuary to keep them safe, both from those who would seek to destroy someone else’s promise and from those who would be impatient with their own. Usually when a man was promised with a woman it meant the two would be wed and allowed to start a family, though not always. She had heard of some women becoming companions, housekeepers, or helpers for the infirm.

Civyl had sought out his promise on his 70th season, or so everyone had told her. He had not been happy at first… to be gifted with an infant. She could only imagine his initial grief in having to wait, though he had always assured her she was worth it. She had known him her whole life. He had read her bed time stories and played games with her when she was little, helped with her studies and engaged her in all manner of higher learning as she grew. More recently they talked of their future together. All strictly supervised, of course, but on her 15th birthday he did sneak a kiss when the matrons were not watching. That had been a Season of Birth to remember.

She loved him and he loved her, of that she had no doubt. The age difference did not matter. The wait did not matter. This very day was to be their wedding day… but now, he didn’t know her, barely even acknowledged her or the promise The Wisdom had given him. 

It seemed incredibly unfair to wait for something for so long only to have it ripped away... Still, she was his promise. Surely the Lady had known that The Sight would take Civyl that day. If the promise was not to be his wife… then what? 

What was the promise for?

The End

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