~The Wisdom~ pg 5

The mountain range was far in the distance beyond Kavaccet’s buildings but having set his direction and put his feet to the cobblestones eased his mind.

The rhythm of his boots slapping the earth lulled him into a sense of contentment. He was on his way to where he needed to be though he did not know what he would meet when he got there. His mind would not allow him to think on it more deeply. But his thoughts did return to the girl and her words. “H-have… have I displeased you?”  It tore at him anew. She had expected something from him. They all had. And he began to expect something from himself.  

So lost in thought was he, that he jumped when he heard her voice again. “I’m ready, Civyl.” Snapping to attention he noticed that he was back at the small house where he had left the girl. She had not changed out of the dress but she hefted a large bag on her back, hastily packed. “I am glad you decided to come back.” 

He had not intended to come back and didn’t understand how he could have gotten turned around. A frown creased his brow as he turned his back to her without a word. How could he have been so absent minded? Now she would be a burden to his journey.

It was so quiet behind him that he hoped she had decided to stay, but when he turned to glance, she was there with head hung low not making a sound as she followed. He could not even hear her footfalls, but already she was slowing him down. He huffed out his displeasure while picking up speed through the city streets. Perhaps if he moved fast enough, he could lose her around an alleyway and be free of the prickling uneasiness she brought to the back of his neck.

The End

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