~The Wisdom~ pg 4

For some reason her questions were compelling enough to answer. His low rumbling voice sounded foreign in his own ears. “I leave for the mountain pass of Enundale. I must reach it within a fortnight.”

Her brows knit in deep creases that somehow pained him. He did not like how the girl made him feel. It was a distraction that was keeping him from the pass. “I… I don’t understand. Why?” Her bottom lip began to quiver as a strong gust of wind ripped at her skirts. ”H-have… have I displeased you?” He did not have an answer, to either of her questions. He did not know why - only that he must, and he did not recognize the girl, though it seemed she expected him to.

Another woman walked up and gently tugged the girl aside. “The Sight has taken him,” she said loud enough for all to hear. A ring of gasps and murmurs went up while the girl’s hands flew to her face.

“The Sight?” she asked, “How can he have The Sight? I thought-”

The older woman cut her off with a wave of her hand. “It does not matter how, just that it is. Once granted The Sight, one must go; and you, daughter, must go with him.”

Both Civyl and the girl snapped their heads towards the woman to protest.

“But I just came home…”
“She cannot come with…”

Anger flared behind the woman’s eyes and no little amount of pain with it as she raised her voice. “There will be no argument! You are his promise. You will go where he goes.”

The girl hid tears behind the hands that held her face as she nodded towards the woman but Civyl was not about to allow this burden to be passed on to him. No matter what guilt twisted within his gut. “I will not wait,” he rumbled as he pushed past them both. 

The girl called after him but he did not stop. “Go inside and pack,” he heard the mother say though he had every intent of being too far from their door for the girl to be able to follow. 

The End

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