Ineffective Bite

The bitter, metal taste of blood still lingered in my mouth. This was delicious, better than anyone else's. I released my hold on him and watched him suffer in pain. Then I looked up to see his sister coming in screaming, "ARE YOU..."
I gathered up all the strength still in me and chanted, "Forever one with life. Please forgive me and stop time."
Everything in time stopped. Must hurry. The time spell doesn't last for long and I don't have enough strength to keep it up.
I got up from the bed and walked towards her mouth watering for blood. I stopped when I felt a hand touch me and hold me back. I turned to see that guy staring at me.
"Didn't you have enough? I thought you already drank from me. I'll supply you with more, but please don't get my sister into this."
"How on earth do you expect me to bite a half vampire?"
"Well for the last time I have checked, I still feel human to me." He looked around like an idiot.
"This is the first time a human has actually gone through a vampire spell... Now this is quite unexpected from you." I looked at him with curiosity. "Are you sure you will give up your blood to me?"
"I swear. Just don't hurt anyone else." He looked tired and just half-answered me.
"Fine. Release." The magical force field vanished. I'm just way too nice.
"...DONE waking her yet..." continued his sister. "Oh I'm sorry. You're already awake."
Well yeah. With your screaming, I doubt anyone could fall asleep. Anyways, act human...
"Thank you very much for your hospitality. I would like to get going as soon as possibly. I'm sorry for taking time out of your lives." I bowed in apology. As if...
"Oh it's okay. Would you like breakfast before you go?"
"Well if you insist then, but I would like it on-the-go please."
"Sure coming right up. Oh and Tristan, please take her home." She fumbled with the food.
"Yeah whatever." He answered as he put on his jacket. "I have responsibility over her anyways."
Responsibility? Does he expect to tell her about our agreement? However, before I got the chance to ask, he grabbed the food and dragged me out of the house.
"Hey what on earth are you doing? Is this how you treat a girl?" I tried to get myself free from his grip.
"Looking at it logically, you are not an actual girl. Here." He handed me the food. "Do you want it, or do you not 'eat'?"
"You can have it. I was only being nice to your sis. And what responsibility were you talking about?"
"I took you home while dumping all the grocery so I have to take care of you myself. Anyways, where is your house?"
 As clueless as he is, he might as well be useful to me.

The End

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