Whisperer of the Dead Wind

Humans are not the only ones to dwell in the city of Farensia. Vampires and the tamers roam around in the town center without anyone noticing. One innocent boy turns out with a huge secret. One vampire wishes for her freedom. Will they help each other, or fall into darkness?

Chapter 1  First Encounter

Sigh. Shopping is such a hassle. Couldn't ladies do grocery shopping too?
My hands were filled with bags from the market. "Smile Shopping" was printed on the outside of the white, plastic bags. It seemed as if I was holding multiple sledgehammers.
It was fall already and this year was unexpectedly cold. I was already wearing a jacket with heavy scarf around my neck. The winds blew harshly behind my back. At least I didn't have to exert much energy to walk.
I past the town center and walked onto "Blood Vein". All of the street names in town center seemed weird. "Fang Forest", "Black Bat", and all the other things related to vampires. I always thought that it was just because the town used to worship these nocturnal creatures.
Sigh. Here is another complaint from me. Why does the market have to be so far away? It was like twenty-five blocks from my house. I always wondered when they will decide to create another store more convenient to me.
As I made a turn, my eyes were opened in shock. A teenage girl, around my age, was being harassed. Three men ganged up on her as she tried to fight back. They even had a whip and a dagger. Something was wrong with these people. Unconsciously I dropped all the food and rushed to help. I had no idea how I was going to fight them, but it was instinct. When I approached them, they stopped and backed away. The girl fainted to the ground and I ran over to her.
"Don't touch me you..." were the last words she uttered before turning unconscious.
I picked her up in a princess hold. She was a lot lighter than expected. The guys were whispering behind me.
"Our boss is going to kill us if he found out we let her out of the ring."
"He'll have our heads for sure."
I continued to walk with her in my arms. Oh man... I forgot all the grocery behind me. Oh well. I think my sister will have my head too so don't feel so bad guys.
In truth, he didn't know that their heads would actually be cut off...
I took her home and rang the bell. I heard screaming and loud footsteps approach the door and was ready for an explosion.
The door opened showing my sister wearing a checker apron over her clothes.
"WHAT ON EARTH TOOK... you so long?" Her screams died down as her eyes stared at the girl in my arms.
"I found her on the streets being beaten by a gang of guys. I felt sorry for her and brought her here." I walked in the door.
"Oh you're as hopeless as ever. She's sleeping on your bed not mine."
I placed her on my bed and pulled a blanket over her. Then I went into the bathroom and poured water in a bowl. I took a towel, wet it, and placed it on her head. I looked over her to see if she had any wounds. None. I guess I got there just in time.
"Here." My sister handed me a rag. "Now go sleep outside."
"Man you've got to be kidding me right? It's freezing cold!"
"Can't you just tell that is a joke? You idiot. It is just for compensation for not bringing home food. You have to clean the house for a week."
"A week? Can't it just be two days?"
I reluctantly swept and mopped the floor. I dusted the house and tidied up my room. Sigh. This is so pointless. It's gonna get messy again anyways.
That night passed and I slept on the floor of my room. I couldn't sleep a wink due to the fact that the girl was talking in her sleep.
"Mother, why don't you listen to me? We'll die..."
All the murmuring kept me awake, and I wondered how I would be able to go through tomorrow.
Next morning, I just dragged myself up and tried to make breakfast. I failed badly and almost burnt myself.
"What's wrong with you today?" My sister came into the kitchen yawning. "Our kitchen is going to get blown apart at this rate. Now hand me the pan."
"Don't blame it on me. That girl talks in her sleep. I thought I might have mutated into a panda with these black eyes."
"Haha. Very funny." She flipped the omelet onto two plates. "See how she's doing, and if she's awake, ask her if she wants breakfast."
I walked slowly into my room. I felt her head, and her head was cool. Her fever probably went down during the night. I grabbed a chair and sat down. I couldn't help myself and fell asleep.
I had a very horrible alarm clock. The minute I opened my eyes, the girl's mouth was on my neck. A pain shot through, and a chill followed. Then the area where she bit me burned.

The End

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