Whisper through the WindMature

Five Teenagers, Five choices, one story.

There was something in the air that night. Something they could feel. Not one of them could say exactly what it was, but it was something that quickly created a sense of unease. It was a dark night, despite the thousands of stars in the sky, and five friends were to part, due to the events that we're to unfold. Was it destiny? Something that is written for us, where despite our efforts we cannot change our story. Or perhaps its was a less simple science, where each action has a reaction, and danger loomed ahead due to the choices of five foolish teenagers. Who is to say which it was, but whatever it was, it parted them.

It was cold for a summer evening, the night had began to fall. Laura was the only one not cuddled up by the warm fire they had lit "Am I to pitch this tent myself or what!?" she said. "Will you shut up! I told you I would help you in a minute, once we warm up, relax would you!" said James, however she did not like his tone and so, she gave him a look that might freeze hell over.  Laura was a perfectionist, and always wanted things done yesterday. James was the sort to say "in a minute" and take an hour. And yet somehow they were close. Much closer than any of the other friends in the group, perhaps excluding Sam and Emma, who were an item, a pair, a romantic mess of emotions. Perhaps it was how close the pair were that allowed Laura to nag and James to pester and them both to deal with it like it was fine. James got up to help Laura, anything to stop the "death-glare" she was shooting through him.  Jo soon followed, she was small, mousey, but fierce, the smart one, the funny one, the girl who everyone thought was perfect.  She had short brown hair like James' except where he had a tufty, fringe that stuck up, she had a longer side fringe.  It was unlike Laura's, beautiful blonde hair, she was simply stunning, funny and sharp as a tack. The three pitched the tents, while the love birds cuddled by the fire,  it only took 20 minutes to get both up. "There! done now we can sit in them and be warm by the fire!- much smarter to block out the wind!" and then they heard it. The sound that changed the night, a high pitched scream that could pierce the ears of a bat. It was horrible and it seemed to be coming from everywhere around them. The five ran into the tents which were facing each other at an angle towards the fire. The huddled together as the shriek died out. However, little did they know that that noise was to change the whole night, that shrill shriek marked the beginning of the end. 

The End

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