Whisper Those Three Words To Me

A simple short story about a character of mine I have on a fantasy wolf role play site and her best friend. Dione is this little happy green wolf, small but seductive and cruel to anyone. One top of that she's a cannibal. Her one friend is a monster of a wolf, big, grey with lighter, almost white bone like markings, horns and bone growths. He to is a cannibal and that's what originally brought them together. So yeah, just a short story because I love these two together. If anyone's interested in

Eyes were narrowed and head was down with shoulders hunched, anyone who saw the green she devil would get the vibe that they should immediately turn around and leave her to her own devices. She was tiny, short, and thin with long boney legs and a tail that didn't suit her. Her coat consisted of varying shades of green, sticking out like a sour thumb against the granite backdrop. Starting from her head, lower jaw, cheeks, the underside of her neck and belly were all black along with her legs up to her shoulders. The rest of her was a mixture of colors from forest green to deep teal. On the top of her head a messy mop of neon green that could only be described as hair. Sprouting from between overly large fox like ears were two horns, tips barely reaching above her ears. Tail was as long as her body if not longer, fluffy and patterned like a raccoon’s with colors switching from dark green to that teal color.

But despite the foul mood she seemed to be in and her peculiar appearance she was in fact quite lovely, maybe not drop dead gorgeous but pretty enough to turn heads. Though when in a better mood she didn't only turn heads, she broke necks. Or... maybe not broke necks but she did use some charm to kill. A lovely little seductress. That was her role and she was fine with it, she drew other wolves in, charmed them and played them while her partner was usually the one to end their miserable little, insignificant lives. But where was he? 3 days had passed since their separation and he had promised only to be an hour but of the two of them he was the least likely to be killed. Most ran away terrified, he was no only huge but his mutations were abnormal.

"Tan... Where are you?" she called not for the first time, one paw lifted as she stopped mid step, head raised for red eyes to peer out from under that stock of neon green hair. Angry demeanor was gone, if nothing else she looked completely and utterly lost, sad and forlorn. Small paws were having a hard time grabbing and keeping a hold on the rocks; pebbles skittered down noisily as she continued her trek up the mountainside. She was no amazing wolf that could go bounding up and not be out of breath, no she was not even close to being a third of the ways, the was walking and she panting. Hard. It wasn't that she was out of shape but it was steep, there was no level ground and even if there was it was made of pebbles and dainty paws were constantly scrabbling for a hold.

"Tan...?" she breathed, the high elevation making the syllable come out in a cloud of condensation. A thicker cloud followed as a sigh escaped parted lips as the thin creature continued on with her journey. She didn’t even know where to begin looking, well, she was here because he had always loved the cold, he was from the arctic originally so maybe he’d be in the mountain… Maybe…

“Die? What are you doing up here?”

Voice was calm, soft, low but gravely as if the one speaking hadn’t used his voice in a long time. It wouldn’t be considered soothing or sweet, normally people didn’t like the should of the large male’s voice but Dione’s face lit up the second she heard it. So he was up here. Head craned back to take in the sight of the large male who stood still a ways further up the mountainside, where it got steeper. He blended in better then she did, molten grey fur almost the same color as the rock with the only thing different about him was the skeletal like markings. Horns bleached from centuries under the sun extended a good two and a half feet over his head while three bone spurs reached from his back, the longest over three feet long. Tail was almost twice the length of his body, spine like pattern following it’s length but like a cats he could control it all and kept it above the ground to keep it away from the dirt.

He looked quite regal standing up there, red muzzle almost touching the ground and neon green tongue barely visible between parted teeth. One paw had slid forward as if to grip the edge of the rock, also showing off the vibrant green paw pads and claws.  But what captured her attention as always was those eyes, most would call them ugly, the color of clotted blood with brilliant red flecks in random spots like someone had splattered paint in his eyes but she loved them.

“Looking for you” Dione replied, having to called over the wind that had decided to pick up at that moment as if to just piss her off. When she beamed up at him there was no return smile, just a calm, level look. There was never a smile and strongly enough she was fine with that. Pace quickened, paws light on the rocks all of a sudden as if some heavy burden was lifted. At the same time the massive beast ahead of her launched himself from the ledge, the landing sending the smaller rocks skittering. His landing wasn’t graceful, enormous paws were forced to find grip and fast on the large stones and that left him in an awkward position. She was in front of him almost at the same time he regained his balance, head was buried in his chest then head lowered and she slid under him, between his front legs, around his left leg and back to his side. He didn’t move, didn’t return the affection, simply watched.

Then suddenly he was on the ground, well no suddenly, he waited until she was out from under him then flopped to his side, one paw lifting, claws finding purchase on Dione’s shoulder and dragging her down beside him. The weight of the impact sent them sliding down the slope a bit and forcing a giggle from the green she devil. Body curled into the males, head pressed into his chest as he rolled to lay on his stomach, leg still draped over her tiny body. He moved his head close to her ear, tongue rasping along her cheek to give her a rather unattractive cowlick before muzzle hovered over her ear. “I love you” he whispered to her still form, her breath coming easily now but there was a smile on her face. Whether she heard him or not he couldn’t tell but what did it matter anyways?

The faintest of smiles touched his lips before vanishing as massive head lowered to rest on his free leg.

The End

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