Chapter Two

"Hey, Whisper?" Willow whined into the empty wind. The ghost girl appeared in front of the laying wolf pup.

"Yeah, Wils?" she asked, her voice once again distant and mystical. Willow cocked her head cutely, blinking her green eyes.

"How does that Synera boy know you?" she barked. Whisper frowned, pulling her transparent red hair behind her ear.

"Is he, like, your cousin or something?" Timberline yawned, waking up.

Whisper scoffed. "No! We're just... we were friends, okay?"


"Honey, why did you wonder off like that? You've been acting way out of sorts lately."

James soo wanted to tell his mother and father what he could do, but wasn't sure what would happen. He wanted to look them in the eyes for once, hug them instead of the other way around.

But he didn't think he ever could.

"I don't know. Some... something just told me to keep walking," he lied. He started to twidle his thumbs, trying hard not to look at them.

He felt the couch shift when his father sat next to him.

"Jamie... you can tell us... anything. You know that," he reassured him. James heard his mother gasp.

"Richard, you don't think... Isn't he too young?" Mrs. Synera asked softly.

"No. He's not. If... if he is... It's his thirteenth birthday."

James looked at his father. "What? What's my thirteenth birthday? What?"

He looked from his mother to father, completely panicked. Mrs. Synera gasped when James looked straight into her eyes. She moved, not making a noise. James's eyes followed her.

"Oh my... Jamie?"

"Jamie, is there something you want to tell us?" Mr. Synera asked.

He knows.

James's head snapped towards his dad. "What do you mean? You already know!"

"Jamie, calm down..." a misty voice calmed him. James looked up to see another tall, red haired boy. James stood, looking the man up and down. His parents watched in curiosity.

"A-Andrew?" James's voice sounded sad, like when he saw Whisper. Richard sighed.

"Andrew, what's going on?! What's wrong with me?" James asked hurriedly, and Andrew smiled.

"You can see me, can't you?" Andrew asked. James reached out to touch him, his hand going through his shoulder. A sharp but brief pain shot through his hand. He pulled back.

"You... you aren't really there... are you?" James asked, this time slowly. Andrew laughed.

"No. I am here. I'm just..." he paused in his distant explaination, to think of the right words. "I'm just... like Whisper."

"Whisper?" James repeated. His mother gasped.

"Whisper? Richard, wasn't she..?" his mother whispered to Mr. Synera. James turned to him, and Mr. Synera nodded sadly.

"So he can..? B-But..."

"Ellen, honey, calm down. It's fine," Richard said, standing up. Ellen looked as if she was going to pass out.

"What. Is. Wrong. With. Me?" James demanded. His parents looked at their blind-since-age-three-son, who could now see spirits, dead and alive.

"James, sit down," Mr. Synera said, helping James sit down after him telling them he couldn't see objects.


Whisper ran along Timberline and Willow to the edge of the woods. She slowly walked out into the open, holding her hand out to sign to her friends to stay put.

"Ok, clear," she said, and they all rushed forward into the darkened square.

"Woohoo!" she squealed, throwing her arms in the air. Things blew up and rocked back and forth.

Timberline howled. Willow chased him and tackled him when she got to him. Whisper laughed.


"Wait for us!"


Whisper turned to the other ghostly hollers, seeing her friends. She waved and ran over.

"Why am I always the first one?" she asked. The Indian girl who had been dead for over 100 years shrugged.

"Who really knows? Where is Synera, Andrew?" she asked, her voice high and beautiful sounding. Her cloth dress was still covered in blood, even though the rest of her had been cleaned.

Whisper looked around, and gasped.

"Uhm... I'll be... right back," she said, running off towards the red-haired brothers.

"James! What the heck are you--" she stopped suddenly, after seeing a man. She returned to her eaten-up state, all bloody and angry. She growled.

The End

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