Whisper and James

James tries to help his old friend Whisper find peace and bust the men who killed her.
A James Past Time.

"Whisper!" Timberline barked. Willow trotted along him, as they both ignored the stares and screams of the human boys and girls:

"What? Are... are those... wolves?!"


"Someone call Animal Control!"

The two twin wolves stopped dead when they heard that. They both turned to the man who called that, who was busy trying to pull his phone out. Timberline put his paw firmly in front of his sister.

"Over my living body!" The two young wolves looked back when they heard the distant-sounding and misty voice. Their lips curled up in smiles when they saw the girl their parents ate.

"Whisper!" Willow barked, charging forward. Timberline looked back at the man. He heard, through his highly-trained ears, Whisper chuckle, very ghostly-like.

Timberline watched as his invisible human friend walked over to the man, taking his cell phone out of his hand. Everyone looked at the flying phone, gaping. Whisper gave it a hard squeeze, and it exploded.

"What the he--!" the man yelled, falling back. Whisper laughed, and walked away from the crowd now forming, taking care to pass through no one. She knew how deadly it was.

Timberline snickered in his wolfy way, noticing only one person who wasn't staring at the man and his crushed cellular. It didn't look like he was staring at anything, just the ground in front of him. He had to look away when Whisper stroked his head. Willow and Timberline were the only living things she ever touched.

Neither of the retreating beings noticed the red-headed boy look directly at Whisper with his dull green eyes. The pupils were blocked out... he was blind, but still looking right at Whisper. His eyes strayed down her back. He "watched" her walk away.


"Whisper!! Where are you?" Willow canted happily as she bounded through the woods with her brother, looking for their friend. Timberline jumped on her suddenly, and then a bullet shot through a tree were Willow's head just was.

"Stupid animals!" yelled the hunter that shot. Willow got up and ran, Timberline growling at the man. He saw a flash of a half-eaten bloody girl behind him, staring at him evilly.

Timberline stood his ground as the hunter aimed the gun at him again. The hunter suddenly dropped the gun, clutching his heart. He gasped for breath as he fell to his knees. Timberline watched as Whisper flickered from visible (to him) to invisible. It looked... mysterious. To the human, that is. Timberline was used to it.

Just when the poor hunter was an inch from death, Whisper stopped, giving him his heartbeat and breath back. The hunter stammered and left his gun as he ran off to get his buddy.

"Was that necessary?" Willow whined as she got out from behind the bush. Whisper returned in her school-girl appearance. She smiled and squatted down in front of the pouting puppy-wolf. She laughed innocently (though it still sounded distant and creepy) and patted her head tenderly.

Whisper stood up, and started to walk towards their den. Timberline followed, but Willow stopped when she heard a thud. Whisper must've heard it too, because she stopped and looked in the direction of the dull noise. She started to walk towards it, becoming invisible.

Timberline and Willow trotted to the noise's site, seeing a young boy rubbing his head. They saw it was scratched and bloody when he removed his hand. They guessed he knocked it on the tree he was sitting in front of.

But who's so stupid they run into a tree? Willow thought. Timberline made a gasping noise. The boy looked at them.

"That's the boy I saw in the square!" he whispered.

"What are you doing here?" the boy asked. Willow backed up, and Timberline cocked his head.

"You- you guys aren't human. Wolves, maybe?" the boy asked. Willow suddenly recognized his face.

"Timber! Timber, that's James Synera! B-but... but... he's blind. How can he see us?" she whimpered. Timberline was looking at him in the eyes, but then the James boy looked at the spot right next to them.

"Who are you?" he asked. Timberline looked up in alarm, but nobody was there.

But slowly, Whisper came into view. James and looking at her, and she was looking at him.

"How... how can you see me?" Her voice sounded different, distorted. It was like she didn't want him to hear her right.

"Uh... Are... are you dead too?" he asked. Whisper gasped.

"How..? How can you see me?" she demanded. Her voice was still weird.

"I... uhm... I really don't know. I can't... I can't see anything else though," he admitted, his gaze fixed on her. Timberline wasn't sure, but he didn't look a day over 13.

Timberline and Willow looked at Whisper, scared. Whisper didn't look at them.

"James?" she asked. Her voice was sweet, normal sounding. The boy sparked.

"W-Whisper? Is... is that you?" he asked, sounding worried. Whisper nodded.

"Yeah. But... how the heck can you see me? You... you're blind!"

"I... I know. But... why are you here? Why are you dead?!" he asked, his voice rising in concern.

"James! Is that you? Where are you, honey?" called a woman. James blinked, looking around, motioning for Willow and Timberline to scatter. Willow stayed there, visible to only him and her two other friends.

"Mom? Mom! I'm over here! Where... where am I?" he called. A woman came up behind her.

"Honey, your in the forest. How did you get here, sweetie?" Mrs. Synera asked.

"James! James, thank God," a man ran up, a thin French accent hanging in his speech. He took James's shoulders in his hands. Mr. and Mrs. Synera gasped when they saw the blood slowly run down his forehead.

"I don't know. I just walked, until I met this ungrateful... tree, isn't it?" he joked. Willow laughed, making James smile. Mr. and Mrs. Synera didn't hear her.

"Bye for now, James," Willow said, as she started to walk away, after making sure her best living friend was safe in his parent's presence.

"Bye to you, too," he replied, making it look as he was talking to the tree. His parents chuckled, and walked him home. Whisper wondered off to find her 'canis lupis' friends.

The End

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