Cristal LaRoque left her hometown of Whispering Meadows, Ontario so she could practice getting a degree in nursing and to get away from the memories of her mother, who died of cancer. Cristal's return to the secluded town ends up one she won't soon forget thanks to the sudden cannibalism and violence running rampant after she arrives.

Deep within the confines of a snow covered laboratory, hidden from the civilized world by a small forest, a pair of soldiers wearing winter combat fatigues stood watch over a steel door. The entrance was not only bulletproof, but also locked by hand identification, making it possible only for designated guards to enter and exit the compound.

"I really hate the fucking cold," one of the soldiers grumbled while shaking the snow off his head. "I mean, fuck, it's not a damn pleasure for any man. I don't see how you grew up in a hell hole like this Lieutenant."

Lieutenant 1st Class Harold Avery shrugged at his younger companion, spitting out the remaining chewing gum in his mouth before speaking. "I grew up in Alaska, kid. Shit like this is perfect time for taking a swim in your pool or washing your car." The soldier laughed at his joke, not noticing the dissatisfied expression on his colleagues face. "Oh buck up, Quinn," he said as he slapped his back. "Just ten more minutes of this and it's back into the nice warm base where you can drink hot coffee and wank yourself to as many girls’ pictures as you can!"

"You're not that funny of a guy looie." Private Don Quinn joked back. The two laughed a little bit before turning their attention back to their duty, hands tightly grasped around the automatic rifles in their hands. Occasionally they would hear the sound of a forest animal moving around in the bushes but otherwise the night was calm, the snow falling gently and the moon shining brightly over the pair.

Suddenly, the sound of radio static echoed in Avery's ears. He lifted his hand to the device attached hear his ear and spoke, his accomplice looking anxiously behind him. "This is Avery and Quinn reporting, over?"

"This is Quarantine Unit Alpha...requesting all units for...subjects have escaped...many killed...oh shit they've breached the barricade...run...get away from me..." The line came to a close and the voice was cut off by a terrified scream and an inhuman moaning sound that echoed and overlapped itself numerous times. Avery clicked the receiver and turned to his partner.

"What the fuck happened?"

"Quarantine breach in sector twelve, all subjects assumed to have broken their cages."

A horrified look overcame Quinn's face. "You mean those rotting bastards-" The two turned their attention to a banging sound coming from inside the base. The base was impenetrable on the outside and if something went wrong inside, base guards would have informed them of trouble trying to get outside. Unless of course, something was keeping the indoor entrance guards busy.

Avery clicked his receiver on again. "This is a mass transmission to Base, can anyone hear me? I repeat, this is a mass transmission from outside guards, is the situation out of hand?"

The next sound was one that even Quinn heard. A blood-curdling scream ripped through the transmitter followed by a desperate and haunting chorus of moans. Avery ripped the transmitter out of his ear as quickly as he could before turning to Quinn. "We got to get out of here."

"What about-"

"They're dead Quinn. Those fucking walkers ate them all and if we don't clear the area soon, we get fucked too. Quick, you know where they hid the one jeep?"

The banging sound was getting louder. "Y-yeah, I have the keys and the finder." Quinn reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of keys, clicking on them before a beeping sound and a flashing of lights occurred from behind a pile of snow covered foliage. A scream echoed from the inside of the base, followed by desperate pounding. The two soldiers got into the military hummer, Quinn attempting to start up the vehicle while his accomplice removed his helmet and leaped into the large machine gun turret on the top. Beads of sweat slid down the stubble of brown hair on his head as he turned the weapon around and aimed at the gates.

“Get a move on Quinn. Those walkers aren’t going to wait forever you know.”

The engine roared to life and Quinn slammed on the gas pedal. “Hold on tight lieutenant.” As the hummer sped by the gates, a shattering sound caught Avery’s attention. Several gaunt figures emerged from the cracks of what was once a window and snarled at them before getting on al fours and sprinting after them. Avery flicked the safety off the massive gun. “We got company Quinn.”

“Jesus Christ those are some fast little fuckers.”

“Just keep us steady while I shoot.” Avery closed one eye and took aim at the runner at the point of the pack, a pale skinned freak with milk white eyes and foam frothing out of its mouth. He held the trigger and felt the weapon roar to life, a spray of bullets darting out of the barrel and hitting the runner several times. The creature’s shoulders and left half of its jaw erupted into bloody pulps before it fell backwards. Two of its kind stopped their chase and pounced on their downed comrade, their jaws ripping into the thing’s flesh and tearing off measly bits of blood and muscle. 

The runners still pursuing the automobile had tapped into some freakish adrenaline that was letting them get closer and closer without seeming to tire. Avery fired in bursts at the runners; three of the four bursts of bullets hitting their targets. Three runners fell, two more of the group of seven falling back to feast on their downed mates. The runner that had taken point was a truly awful looking thing, a skinny and bony creature whose muscles were more developed than its counterparts and whose canines were clearly visible and larger than the average. In fact, the runner’s animal like appearance that differed from the others made Avery wonder where he had seen the abomination before. Moonlight glinted over the collar it wore, catching Avery’s attention.

“Son of a bitch.”

“What is it looie?”

“Remember that one runner that we chucked its food at and laced with some sort of drug?”

“Yeah, the real ugly one that the professors were all obsessed about,” Quinn said. The soldier looked at the rearview mirror and swore silently. “You think that thing’s still angry at us?”

The creature let out a strained and bone chilling shriek as it started to close the gap that was between it and the hummer. “Yeah, I think he’s still rattled about that.”   

The End

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