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Marines and the war that they fight in Ramadi, Iraq.

1400 hrs, March 18, 2012

COP (Combat Outpost) Dragon

Ramadi, Iraq (66 miles west of Bagdad)

“War’s a bitch, Wear a helmet.” – Staff Sergeant David Bellavia

In this city, we learned to love the mud and sand plastered to our bodies. We wake up to the blazing sun that constantly burns our skin to rough leather, as our body temperatures rest comfortably at one hundred n’ two. We waver on the edge of heat exhaustion. Our stomachs heave and our shits come spastically. We are filthy inside and out and the local collection of bacteria doesn’t help with the bouts of dysentery. With what constitutes a toilet here would make any civilian cry.  Did I forget to mention, we get blown up, shot at, and crammed into places not fit for human occupation.

Welcome to life as a grunt. It’s our job; it’s rough, hard, it sucks, but most of all it’s the best job in the world. CNN may make us infamous, but the truth is civvies don’t know shit. We do this job for three reasons. First is we’re protecting Jody and Sue’s freedoms back home. The second is because we know that if we can live through the worst of times, we’ll thrive in the best of times. Lastly, we are America’s warriors, the special 911 service that is called when the country needs us. We are Marines, we don’t need ties or business suits, just our M16A4’s, our 40 mike-mike’s (M203 40mm grenade launcher), and the enemy’s backyard as our playground.  

The End

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