A Bad Memory Comes to Life

I gave Gracie a peek, for I must confess I always had a hankering for her.  Many a night I dreamt myself to sleep, picturing that sweet, sweet stuff snuggled up beside me. She gave me a wink as she surveyed the cards of the four of us.  Was it a tip for an old friend?  I think not.  I think she simply had an instinct when menfolk were thinking of her.

But it was at that moment I caught sight of her sudden change of expression.  It was but a momentary flash of worry, soon covered up by a quick return to that saloon girl's smile that kept the tips coming in.  But it was there, no denying it.  Tracing her line of sight, that change in her somehow involved our new stranger.

Gracie tried not to return her eyes to that red-vested man at the bar, but to no avail.  She recognized him and she was wondering if he recognized her.  I'd seen it before.  Here was a bad memory coming back to life.



The End

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