Whiskey and Butter

What they cannot cure, there is no cure for...!

Silly, silly me!! What on earth was I thinking??..Who am I trying to fool?..Of course I bloody miss him. What on earth is that chemical in the brain which enforces the thought you are still a ''young one''??...and all will be fine, when your own young have gone about becoming an adult.  That terribly awkward moment,which is in fact hilarious, when a Son begs his mother not to go to the same Pubs he may be in!!. I agree with him,hypothetically I would have cringed too, but If only he knew,...knew the terror, denial and delight of having him when I was his age. I must have a Hot Whiskey..and how on earth can you eat mash potatoes without butter?. I think I'll ring him.

The End

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