Wolf Amongst Sheep Pt. 2

I meandered down to R&D but not before taking a short detour at all the other departments to see how they were doing. I had learned, from a friend who was also in the business field, that keeping a visable presence in the work-place shows to your employees that you care about them and about their work which envigorates them to work harder and better. It also gave me a short moment to clear my mind of the chaos of my mind and to ready myself for anything.

Soon enough I was walking about the department with Jacob as he gave me a short tour of their work. I could see some of the engineers working on a stronger blast-door for the Vaults and some other intricacies of the Vaults. The scientists were working bettering the energy source for the Vaults and the psycologists were thinking about how the human psyche would handle being cooped up in the same space for a large ammount of time, for example, about 80 years or so. They were all working diligently and so hard that I couldn't help but have a swell of pride for the group but I knew that someone in there was possibly about to derail all of that.

Jacob and I walked into his office and both of us sat down, after a few plesantries were dispensed of, I presented the problem that Tim had told me about to him and he sat there mildly surprised.

'Really? A mole in our midst? I don't know anyone here that would do such.' He told me. I studied his face the entire time. After years and years of reading the face of hard-core businessmen and women, I could tell that he was hiding something, but I didn't want to press it... yet.

'Yes, Tim knows that it's definatly from this department and I trust him, just as I do you.' Best thing to do was to play on his pride and try to make him believe that I didn't know a thing.

Jacob smiled a tad, "Thanks Phil, like I said, I'm not so sure that anyone here would be able to all of the things that Tim said. Are you sure that he said that it was only one person?'

'He said that it was only one and that the volume of e-mails was quite extensive each and every day. Now I'm not going to go on some unholy crusade trying to root out the correspondant but I trust you and this is your department so I'm going to defer to your judgement, however you want to handle this situation, I'm behind you.' Again, play on his weaknesses and you might find something quite interesting than if you had pressed hard the entire time.

Again, Jacob smiled, this time the smile was sincere, 'Thanks Phil, I'll keep an eye out for anything suspicious.' I nodded, thanked him for seeing me and walked out of the office and department.

As I walked back towards my office my head was swimming with many more questions than I had before I had at the beginning. Was it Jacob? My trusted Number 2? And if not, who? Who had the resources for such communication but wasn't showing it? And, the biggest question of them all, why were they doing this?

The End

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