Wolf Amongst Sheep Pt. 1

Jacob was fantastic as my second-in-command. With him running the Vault program, I could focus on the main part of the company. Every now and again I would poke my head into his department, I made him the director of the Reserch and Development Department and see how things were going. Every single time without fail, I would find the group working hard and making progress everyday. Within a few weeks, I knew that we would be ready to make a prototype of a Vault. It was going so well, oh so well. That's when my technology security guy ruined my parade with a small thunderstorm.

One day I had been sitting at my desk reviewing the past month's finanical figures and the progress of the Vault project when my main techincal guy walked in unannounced. I greeted him warmly, I was in a good mood as the figures from all corners were coming back with positive results, but he just looked at me and said 'Phil, we got a problem," I was intrigued, I thought that maybe something was wrong with our financial data or something of the sort but when I looked at his face, I could tell it was a serious problem. I told my secretary to hold my calls and appointments, closed the door and got down to business.

Now Tim Donahugh, my technical guy, was one of the original crew of Vault-Tec that had been with us from the beginning. The guy was a genius with computers and I was afraid of him more than anyone in the company because if he got mad one day, all of our financial figures would go bye into nothing-ness. But yet, he and I were close friends and I regularly consulted him on many things and vice versa. So when he approached me about what-ever the problem was, I was listening.

'Phil, do we have any military contracts attached to those Vaults?' he asked me. I reviewed the Vaults that we had been contracted after our wonderful prototype had been unveiled in Los Angeles, and only 3 were military Vaults. I told him so and he shook his head.

'No way, I'm getting too much E-mail traffic from the R&D guys for that to be true. I'm seeing at least 50 Vaults with military interest tacked on.' I was surprised and intrigued at once and gestured for him to proceed.

'Every day I'm seeing at least 20 E-Mails going back and forth from someone in R&D to some General Hargreve. I checked the military databases and I can't find a General Hargreve anywhere. But yet, he's sending proper military codes and authorization and has access to our military contracts. I don't get it Phil, I just don't.' I thought about what he said and proceeded to clarify somethings.

'Do you know who is corresponding with this 'General'?' I asked.

Tim shook his head, 'That's the thing that worries me the most. Whoever is doing it is high enough to know of all of our projects and have the ability to access all the files at anytime and has the connections in the military so that they can set up contracts and other business necessities.' He looked straight at me and I could tell what he was hinting at, and I didn't like it one bit but yet, part of me knew that he wouldn't be implying this without reason. I thanked him for telling me this, told him to keep a close watch on it and then I set off for the R&D Department with questions swimming in my head and a worry in my stomach as to what the answers could be.

The End

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