At the Beginning of the End

"So popcorn is corn that is heated up in a microwave?" James, the other Ranger other than Brittany or Beckman, asked.

"Yes, I'm slightly surprised that you've never heard of popcorn. It's been around for years! But then again, so have many things that have disappeared." Collins replied kindly. The discussion had turned from serious to light-hearted as Collins had gone into a mildly hilarious and in-depth discussion about popcorn.

"Indeed, so back to our original topic if we could," Beckman said after a few moments of contemplation and talking amongst the group.

Collins nodded slowly, "True, I'm sorry that I've steered us away from the main topic but I felt that we needed to start somewhere." The discussing in the group stopped after a few moments and all attention was focused on Collins, "Where to begin? Ah yes, I do belive I said before the war so indeed, I shall."

Years and years ago I was the Director/CEO of Vault-Tec Industries. Before we became the super-power that we did, we began working on simple bomb shelters for private citizens. After we gained some renown doing that, the military approached us about building a few shelters for them, just some simple things such as storage but after a while, they gave us bigger projects to work on.

You see, I saw this as a stroke of luck. My company was growing at an exponential rate and I was basking in international glory for my efforts to 'save human life'. At the time I was higher than cloud 9 but, I had bigger visions. I had a team of scientists, engineers and psycologists work on making a bigger version of all the smaller shelters, even the ones made for the military. They would be our crowning achievement and one of the engineers called them 'Vaults'. I didn't think the name was really in good taste but, yet, in a short ammount of time, the entire R&D Department was using it. So, we named them, officially, Vaults. 

After a while, the project became so large that I couldn't take care of it and the company and our various other projects at the same time. I had to find a second in command, someone who could take off some of the load from my shoulders and mind. And I found him: Jacob Miller.

Miller was a bloody genious, he knew so much about engineering that I'm surprised that the military and government didn't snatch him up as soon as he completed college. I looked for the best and brightest for my business and, lo and behold, he was at the top of my list. I hired him and he became my Number 2. Ofcourse this didn't come overnight but yet, it came quickly enough that I didn't go insane. Jacob took to his new position immediatly and excelled, just as I hoped. Almost too well, and later I found out why.

The End

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