Might want to get some popcorn

Reyes and Logan reached the Overseer's Office first and they stood guard outside the door. While they did this, the others went maurading about investigating the random sections of the facility but eventually they all arrived outside the heavy door into the Overseer's Office.

"Ready?" Beckman asked. The group paused, checking over eachother to make sure they were all good to go in-case they got into combat, "Alright, go, go, go!" Reyes opened the door and Logan rushed in with Reyes and Brittany, one of the Rangers, close behind. The trio had the room secured quickly and relayed this to the rest of the group who walked in after them. Soon as they did, the door closed behind them and weapons snapped up all about the room covering all corners and angles.

"My appologies, it's just a safety percaution just in-case we get interupted by anything during our talk." The voice told them. It eminated from PA speakers positioned around the Overseer's desk and a bank of large computers behind it, "I know that you have alot of questions and I, in turn, have alot of answers to give you. But first, please sit down as none of us know how long this will be." The group hesitated a moment, each pair of eyes finally resting on Beckman who shrugged and sat down, albeit slowly. The unit followed their leader and sat down but Reyes and Logan, who had the heaviest of the close-range weapons took the seats nearest the door, just in-case.

"There, now that we're settled, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Phillip J. Collins and I was the CEO/Director of Vault-Tec Indrustries. Or at-least I was until the War happened, after that, well, I was CEO/Director of the hell that I had built." The Voice said. a momentary pause occured as the team digested the words that had just been said and while they did, one of the main screens turned on and revealed the shoulders and head of a kind, elderly gentleman who was smiling gently at them.

"Now that you have something to look at and talk to, this conversation should be much easier." Collins told them, "So, questions right off the bat?"

Reyes spoke first, "You said 'the hell that I had built'. What do you mean?"

A slightly pained expression crossed Collins' face but quickly disappeared just as fast as it appeared, "Ah yes, that. Well, that's the reason that I asked you to take a seat. In order for us to cover that bit of information, we must travel back in time about 200 years to before the War started." Collins sat there for a moment in contemplation, then spoke quickly, "You might want to get comfy, oh and get some popcorn if you have it."

Logan had a slightly confused look and asked, "What's popcorn?"

Collins smiled, the grin spreading from ear to ear, "That, my young man, is a very good question. One that is very hard to answer, but one that we could start with."

The End

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