While the World Burns

Not much is known about the mysterious master of Vault-tec, the creators of the Vaults, but now, decades after the last bomb fell upon the Earth, the tapes have been recovered. Now we shall know the truth as to what he did when the world burned.

10 September, 2284 - Mojave Desert (About 42.3 miles  from New Vegas)

"This is Director Phillip Collins, I am about 42 miles away from the city of Las Vegas, or what was Las Vegas, if you are willing, come to these co-ordinates to find the answers that you have been seeking."

It was this message that had a small group of Brotherhood of Steel Paladins and NCR Rangers searching the un-ending wasteland of the Mojave Desert for the co-ordinates that the message had sent along. They walked in silence, nothing much was needed to be said, as they searched and their dusty, trained eyes didn't take too long to find their objective: A small door set into a rock face to the right of the main road that they had been traveling on.

"Sir, over here," Paladin Reyes said. He pointed over to the recess in the rock and the group angled over there.

"I see it," NCR Ranger Beckman said, he was the de-facto leader of the group as he had the most experiance, "Let's go," He picked up the pace just a tad and the small rag-tag unit of 4 Paladins and 3 Rangers responded in kind. They reached the door and entered quickly and quietly. They were met with a surprisingly well lit tunnel which continued on until it stopped at a large metal blast-door.

"A Vault?" Logan, one of the Paladins asked. The Vault-Tec Vaults were doomsday bunkers that were supposed to keep large ammounts of the American population safe from the impending nuclear war with China and others. The only thing is, some of them worked, but most of them failed terribly, in the eyes of those who discovered them but wonderfuly in their dark masters who led their horrible experiments.

"Could be, any way that we can open it?" Reyes inquired. They all knew that they didn't have near enough the munitions needed to crack a Vault's Blast-door which was built to survive a direct blast from a nuclear weapon. Before any of them could reply to his question, a PA on the wall crackeled to life.

"Good to see that civilized people got my message. I see that some of you are even in Power Armour, very interesting. I'll open the door and de-activiate the security for you." the PA told them. Indeed the door began creaking open, setting the group on high-alert and the Paladins, in their heavy Power-Armour stepped forward, ready to intercept any threat. But none came as the doors opened revealing a simple entry chamber. Beckman used some quick hand-signals and they moved forward into the chamber. Just as the last man, Reyes, was inside, the door behind them slammed shut, locking them in.

"Too late to turn back now boys," Troy Speith, a Ranger Veteran, commented. He slung his high-powered hunting rifle over his shoulder and brought out his hunting shotgun to bear. The weapon would be much more useful in such conditions. The other members of the team did likewise switching to their close-range weapons. When they were done with this, they took a moment investigating the surrounding area, there wasn't much to look at, except for the two Mark V automated turrets that sat on the roof staring at the door but they were, as promised, un-powered.

"If you all are done perusing the atrium, perhaps you would like to meet me. If so, come to the Overseer's office down a level and near the back. The office is clearly marked on the maps and signs on the way. I can't wait to properly greet you." The voice said. The unit looked at Beckman who shrugged and made his way forward. He had a lot of questions and he hoped he would get some answers. He only worried about what kind of answers he would be getting.


The End

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