It all happened too fast

The Flying Tiger. Tortuga. Pirates.

That was all that was going on in Rose's head.

Ana. First Mate. 

Great, Ana is still here.

"Miss, are you okay?"

"Yes," Rose replied, shaking herself into reality, "I'm fine."

"Good, then we'll get you in some proper clothes, and send you up to meet the crew," Ana'a drawl was so thick, Rose had to dissect every word, but then again, her British accent was probably hard for Ana, "come with me."

Rose got up from her place and followed Ana around the ship, diving into trapdoors and through holes, in awe that a ship could be so much like a labyrinth, yet be so small. 

Finally, they arrived in a large room, that Ana introduced as her own. 

"Sit down." Ana said, motioning towards a chair in the corner of the room. 

As Rose sat, Ana began shuffling through a deep chest. The room was simple, not very big, in one corner was a hammock, another divided off by a privacy screen, but a large table occupied most of the room, littered with maps. In various places around the room, knives, swords, and other weapons Rose had never seen were strewn seemingly carelessly. 

"Here!" Ana's voice made Rose jump, as she had been caught up in examining the room. And held up a pair of dark, slim pants, something Rose had never worn before, along with a loose, faded white tank top, and a long, dark blue jacket, "go on, try them on."

Rose grabbed the outfit and quickly changed behind the screen. The pants fit perfectly, along with being perfect for moving around, contrary to the dresses she commonly wore. The top was loose, which she realized she'd need in the hot weather, and the jacket would keep her warm. 

As Rose emerged, Ana gave her a small compass, "not every ship has a good stock of these, but we do, and it will help you find your way home. Wherever that may be." She said the last sentence with a hint of knowing that where she had come from, wasn't home.

"Thank you," Rose said, "l but I don't know what to do with my hair."

Smiling, Ana replied, "we can either cut it short, or pull it back."

"I'd like to pull out back, but cut it a bit shorter."

"Done," Ana said, while pulling out a band of some sort, and tying back her hair. Then she pulled out a knife, and, after checking the length with Rose, cut her hair with a clean sweep.

"Now come, you need to meet the crew."

The End

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