Flags and Fear

The pirate flag. Everyone fears it. It sails across the horizon, cutting through the sharp air. Dark and terrifying, it's fear inducing aura. Rose realized to late.

She sat between bags of something powdery. She was actually quite comfortable. When she snuck out, she hadn't had time to change, so she was wearing her nightclothes, but she was prepared. She had asked William, the butler, for some clothes and he happily obliged. She had the bag of clothes, a container of water and a small amount of food: biscuits, a jar of jam and some canned vegetables she had snatched from the kitchen. Their family was at no shortage of food, so they wouldn't miss it

She slipped out of her nightgown after checking that no one was coming, and quickly put on William's clothes, the trousers were a couple centimeters above her ankle, due to the fact that she was a bit taller than Will, but other than that, everything else fit. She slid her night clothes into the bag.

She took a sip of water, then realized that if she was headed to England, there would be some problems, she wouldn't have enough food, and she would have come up on deck.

"I might as well go up on deck now. I could find out where we are headed," she muttered to herself. One problem: her hair. Anyone would question a man with hair that came down to their waist. She could pile it one her head, or put it in a hat, but she didn't have any pins or a hat. That left one option. To cut it. She searched around the small room to see if she could find anyone and was surprised to see a woman, about thirty, sitting in the room too.

"Hello," the lady said, with a strong accent (maybe a bit of French and Spanish), "My name is Ana. What are you doing here?"

Embarrassed that she'd been caught the words slipped out without her thinking, "I'm Rose, Rose Willis. I'm really sorry. I've run away from my home," oops, said too much.

"Rose. Beautiful name. I'm the first mate here on this ship and I came here for some peace and quiet, but I've found a bit more than that," Ana said, "Why were you running?"

"My father is th--, wait, what's the name of this ship, and where's it headed?"

"This is the Flying Tiger, headed towards Tortuga, ready to pillage and plunder."

The End

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