What it seems to be

Rose Willis is a proper lady, or, was. After she ran away from her caribbean home as a stowaway on a pirate ship, she is thrust into the world of pirates (Also on Wattpad)

This is not what it seems to be. It seems like it is a rich spoiled girl, but its not. Maybe she was a rich spoiled girl thirty minutes ago, but not anymore. It seems like a kidnapping of a rich, spoiled girl, but its not. She isn't rich or spoiled (though she might have been a while ago) and she wasn't kidnapped. It seems like an uncomfortable place, but it's not. She really is comfortable. 

See what I mean, this is not what it seems to be.

Rose was spoiled and rich. She gave that up though.

"Father," I exclaimed exasperatedly, "I really would like to visit the village today."

"Rose, you know what I have to say about this," he replied, "The village isn't a place for young girls to be walking around in."

"But I'm not a girl anymore, I'm 18. I can handle myself. Anyways, kids who live there spend their while time there, they're safe, and younger than me."

"Yes, but they live there."

"Matthew," I saw my mother walk in, "She is old enough."

"But she doesn't belong there. I came here ten years ago to help Governer Thomson create a better world. England wasn't safe on the streets for a hundred years after it was established, why would it be safe here only after fifteen?"

"Because this is only an extention of England," thank the Lord my mother was so amazing.

"My answer is still no."

"But Father, the only time I'm out there is when we go to the tailors."

"No, and it's final."

Rose left that night and stowed away on a ship leaving the port, hoping it was going back to Britain, or to America, or even just another island, just somewhere she was away from her overprotective parents.

Little did she know, that the ship was not what it seemed, it wasn't a ship sailing under the British flag, not even the Spanish, French or Dutch. It was sailing under the flag of pirates.

The End

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