A nutcase named Larry

This is pure humor. This contains mini stories.

*inside a mental hospital* 

Nurse: Good morning, Larry.  Sleep well?

Larry: Not really,  how can I sleep with Carlos on the loose? He's out there, mocking me. Flipping me or probably seeing if it's possible to kill two birds with one stone. 

Nurse: Larry,  there is no Carlos.  He's all in your head. 

Larry: lies! Just because you didn't see him there while I was freaking out at McDonald's does not mean he's imaginary.  He just managed to sneak pass you guys.

Nurse: so...what happened at McDonald's. 

Larry: I don't like to re live it but if I must....they came out with a new toy and I wanted it. They said I was too old, I may be twenty years old but I wanted that toy I had to have that barbie we were meant to be.  If I couldn't have the toy nobody could. 

Nurse: it's just a toy.

Larry: no. Her name was Sally I named her and everything!  She was supposed to be mine! *evil laugh* All mine! 

Nurse: *sticks a needle in Larrys arm* Go to sleep Larry.  You're freaking me out

      The end.

The End

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