Where's The Promise Land?

"Kathy Lynn!" I called out from the washroom, "Kathy Lynn, where are you?". " In here Alixandria, I'm just packin Ruth Rag, and the big book of fairy tales!" Kathy Lynn's my little sister she's 6, and Ruth Rag is here favorite doll it's the only thing she's got left of our momma who died last winter leaving us alone. " Hurry up hon, Lisabeth's gettin Blake and Daniel, and then she's takin off!" I quickly got Kathy Lynn out the door and into the back of the wagon where Ella sat with her marbles and Annie Lu, her favorite doll. I hopped up front with Blake wonderin why she wasn't with her Momma and Daddy. See we was goin to the Great Salt Lake City cause winters here in Corpus are gettin harder and harder every year now that we got to go miles away for logs. Eventually I crawled in the back to study, Francesca,a girl who was goin with us she's 20, has a little school going on with me, Gracie, her little sister she's 14, Ella, she's 6, Kathy Lynn, Blake ,he's 16, and Daniel, he's 18. I was mighty busy with my hornbook when I overheard Ella and Kathy Lynn talkin. "Kathy Lynn." Ella asked. "What's Salt Lake gonna be like?". They both stared at each other for a minute when Kathy Lynn's voice broke the silence. "I don't know Ella" she turned to face me " What is it gonna be like Alixandria." When she asked me I saw her eye twinkle like it never had before. " Well..." I started thinkin I had never been there but the Easton's have a brother that lives there and he says it's a beauty. " It's gonna be like the Promise Land with plentyful amounts of food and water..." I continued to talk until dusk when we slowed to a stop. That night we all slept in the wagons. Three months into our journey we went huntin and a bullet hit my leg it hurts a lot right now but I recken I'll be fine. But I wasn't it slowly got worse each day more painful than the last. The girls read to me and when they ask for pay I give them handmade beads and shiney stones I find on the creek beds. Last night we came upon and grave that had been dug up by wolves. I shivered. The girls looked at me with tears in their eyes. Kathy Lynn whispered " Is that gonna happen to you?'" . To be honest that never crossed my mind. Months went by and I got better day by day the pain went away. I started on a birthday dress for Kathy Lynn nobody knows but me. When winter rolled in Kathy Lynn fell into a spring and caught pnhemonia no one comes near her any more Ella stands outside the wagon talking to Kathy Lynn. I know she prays for her and so do I. Days went by and she just got worse. The doc told me her chances were slim and I should have a moment with her.I crawled in the wagon she coughed. For the first time in days I was alowed to see my sister she looked awful. Pale skin, bluish lips here skin was soft though. I gently held her hand and rubbed her cheek. "Alixandria?" she whispered weakly her voice was cracking, and I knew this was the end. " I'm right here Kathy Lynn I not gonna leave you." I squeezed her hand hoping the time hadn't come. " Where's the Promise Land" she closed her eyes and all to quickly, went cold.I told Doc first then Ella. Once I left I heard her cryin and ran right to the cliff sure I would jump, but I didn't instead I held in my hand Kathy Lynn's doll, Ruth Rag. I stood there taking in the sunset, hoping it was just a bad dream but I knew It was all to true. I felt a soft touch on my cheek, it was Blake just then I realized I was crying. He held me close as I collapased into him. "It's okay" was the only thing I heard over my loud sobs mixed with Ella mourning her dead friend's body.

The End

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