The Combination

Mathematicians think they're so smart,
But us wordsmiths, we know better.
All those math types can do is add numbers,
But it's far more fun to add letters.

In math, things are so very dull:
Two plus two equals four.
But to a wordsmith, we add like this:
"O" plus "R" equals "or."
Plus "E" equals "ore,"
Plus "F" equals "fore,"
Plus "be" — "before!"
Before what? Before "hand,"
Makes "beforehand."
Now wasn't that grand?

An example of word combination:
It's a word that means depreciation,
And I shall explain to you its formation.

There was a scholarly sort who knew Latin,
So he stitched together these words:
Floccus, naucum, nihil, and pilus,
And formed a term quite absurd!

We have so many good words,
So why try to make new ones?
I find that fusing a few with some verbal glue,
To stick them together's more fun.

So you see, I've nothing against math,
Do with numbers whatever you wish,
But I have no need of your algebras,
Because I've got good old English.

The End

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