Where Words Come From

This collection of poems explains how words are added into the English language. If you don't think one poem provides an adequate explanation to your liking, write one that does. Be silly, sarcastic, serious. Whatever. Please keep your explanations clean, though. :-) I included a lot of big words in my poem on purpose because doing so made me happy. The words all tickled my tongue as I read them.


"The Mistake”


Once a confusing confabulation

the word was misspoken in a hurry,

an incorrect pronunciation,

born irrevocably blurry.


It was an overhanded prevarication

spoken unintentionally to deceive

an utterance for simple folk,

comfortably confusing to believe.


A bard's jumbled mess of squiggles

it was a carelessly penned transcription,

an etymological mishandling and

a typographical misrendering.


The word unabashedly perplexed

on the day of its origination,

yet this error of conception

lives on in linguistic publication.



The End

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