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‘’Why did you have to put me on Youtube?’’ Lucinda nagged her brother. It was Friday and Colin Walker still hadn’t given up. Every time he saw her he would ask her if she would join his stupid band. And he saw her a lot. Lucinda wondered if he might have looked up her schedule and learned it by heart. That would be a bit creepy.

Okay, so she really did want to join. She had always wanted to sing, either in a band or solo. That part really didn’t matter, though she had always thought a band would be more fun. Colin had been right about her parents loving track. They had both been on the team in their school days and they now wanted her to follow in their footsteps. Lucinda did enjoy track, she really did. She had always loved running and she got a rush every time she broke a personal record. If she didn’t love singing so much (or sucked at it big time) she’d probably never think about quitting.

Her parents would never let her quit track. Lucinda didn’t even want to think about what they’d do and say if she ever told them she’d rather be in some band than fulfil their lifelong dream.

‘’Because you’re awesome.’’ her brother, Jonathan, shrugged. He looked exactly like Lucinda, minus the breasts and long hair of course. They could’ve been twins, but he really was two years older. He had been on the track team as well, but he wasn’t that good, so their parents didn’t push him to continue after he graduated. Lucinda was the star of the track team though, and her parents would rather die than allow her to leave the team. Hell, she was pretty sure they’d rather let her die than allow her to leave the team.

‘’Well, two underclassmen have seen the video and now one of them is pretty much stalking me.’’

Her brother looked at her in shock. Okay, maybe that came out wrong.

‘’He wants me to join his band.’’ Lucinda explained with a roll of her eyes.

Jonathan looked relieved to hear this. Lucinda had no doubt that he had wanted to call the police immediately. Her brother looked at her from the couch, an eyebrow raised.

‘’Don’t you want to be in a band? You’ve wanted to be a singer ever since you were little.’’

Lucinda pulled up her legs onto the armchair and leant her chin on her knees.

‘’Of course I do. But hello,’’ she waved for emphasis. ‘’Star of the track team?’’

Jonathan sighed.

‘’They might not be happy about it, but they want you to be happy.’’

‘’I doubt it.’’ she mumbled. Jonathan gave her a pointed look.

‘’They let me quit.’’

‘’Well, you sucked.’’

‘’Gee, thanks sis.’’

Lucinda just stared in front of her. Maybe Jonathan was right. Maybe her parents would let her quit and join Colin’s band if she just told them how she felt. Surely, they would understand. Right?


‘’It’s already the fifth day, shouldn't you just give up?’’ Fai sighed. The Chinese boy was almost certain that Colin knew Lucinda’s schedule by heart, which scared him a little bit. How far did this kid go?

Colin shook his head at Fai’s question.

‘’I know it’s a bit childish-‘’

‘’A bit?’’ Fai interrupted him as he raised his famous left eyebrow.

‘’Okay maybe it’s really childish, but I just know that music is her real passion!’’

Both boys were silent after that. They were sitting outside the school, since they both had a free period. Fai stared at the book he had been reading before Colin had pretty much dragged him out of his classroom. He remembered Colin’s words from that Monday very clearly.

‘’But you don’t love it as much as you love singing, right? Do you love track, or do your parents?’’

Judging from the senior’s reaction, Colin was right about this. Fai wondered how the boy had known. Then again, how had he known about him?

‘’Don’t you want friends again? Real friends? We won’t abandon you because you have flaws.’’

He wanted to ask how Colin knew all of this, about Lucinda, about him…but it might be better to leave that for another time.

‘’You think I should give up?’’ Colin asked quietly. Fai looked up from his book in surprise.  His friend didn’t look him in the eye, instead he was pulling at the grass.

‘’No,’’ Fai said. ‘’But if I did, would you even listen?’’

Colin laughed at that.

‘’Probably not.’’ he grinned his usual boyish grin. Fai was glad to see the boy smiling again. It was just plain weird to see him down like that.

‘’Come on, you’ve only asked her to join two times today. I think it’s time for a third time. If you’re so sure that she’s just on the track team because of her parents, you should be able to convince her, right?’’


Lucinda had said no again, though. Since Colin’s last class had ended an hour before, Fai walked towards the gate on his own. He didn’t have any friends in his own year, since he had been… well a little unsocial. Ever since what happened in the past he was a bit hesitant in making friends, or just talking to people in general. Colin had broken through his wall though and he was grateful to the boy, since he actually looked forward to going to school in the mornings. He hadn’t looked forward to school since primary school.

To his surprise, someone was waiting for him at the gate. For a second he expected it to be Colin, but Colin didn’t have long brown hair and um, well a female body. Lucinda Jordan did.

‘’You’re Fai right?’’ she asked him. Fai just nodded, not sure where this was going.

‘’In all these years, you’ve never joined a musical club. So why join Colin’s band?’’

Fai was taken aback by this question. He didn’t expect her to ask her that, though he did have a feeling she wanted to talk about Colin and the band.

‘’Because he broke my wall.’’


‘’Wait…What?’’ Fai would have laughed at her confused face, but he really didn’t want to offend her.

‘’My friends from my childhood all left me because they said I was too bossy, too stubborn, too smart. Others didn’t want to be my friend anymore because our other friends stopped being friends with me. I became unsocial and maybe even a bit arrogant, because I didn’t want my ‘friends’ to leave me again. My classmates never approach me unless it’s necessary and I’m too awkward to go up to them myself. Underclassmen are actually afraid of me. Colin wasn’t. Despite my attitude he still came up to me and asked me to join his band. Of course I said no at first, after all I was afraid that I would just be a disappointment again, that he wouldn’t want to be my friend if he got to know me. He saw right through me though. I… I don’t know how. It was the same when he asked you if you like track or your parents do. Somehow he just sees right through you and knows exactly what’s bothering you. But most of all, he wanted to be my friend. I’m glad I decided to join his band, Lucinda. I’ve finally got an actual friend, I actually like coming to school now.

‘’If he didn’t think that you’re only on the track team because your parents want you to, he wouldn’t keep asking you to join. He would’ve left it alone and searched for another singer. He knows that deep inside your heart, you want to be a singer and focus on music. Take him up on his offer.’’

With those words, he left his senior speechless.


New week, new chances was what Colin optimistically thought when he entered the school on Monday. He felt a bit creepy still asking her after a week and he admitted that it was a bit strange (not to mention stalkerish) that he knew her schedule by heart, but he had good intentions. Lucinda had to admit to people other than herself that she’d rather sing than run. He felt that she would never do this if he didn’t gave her a little push (every time he came across her, which was a lot since he knew her schedule. God, when did he become such a creep?).

After his first class, he quickly said bye to Liam and Leanne (who stared at him as he ran out of the classroom not for the first time since they had known him. The twins weren’t sure if they'd ever get used to Colin running out of every classroom) and made his way to the classroom Lucinda would be going to. Yep, he definitely was becoming a stalker.

Lucinda didn’t seem fazed that he once again was waiting for her in front of her classroom. He grinned his usual boyish grin and opened his mouth to ask the question he had been asking her about a million times for the past week. Lucinda cut him off before he could even make a sound.

‘’Alright, I’ll join your band,’’ Colin couldn’t believe his ears. Had she been thinking about it the entire weekend? ‘’But on one condition.’’

Colin really didn’t care what this condition was. He’d go around the school in a pink bunny costume if he had to. Okay, maybe not.

‘’I’ll leave the track team after the competition this Friday, then I’ll join your band.’’

‘’No problem!’’ Colin was still grinning. It was infectious, as Lucinda found herself smiling back at him.

‘’You better come Friday!’’ she yelled at him as she walked into her classroom.

‘’Of course!’’

When he didn’t see her anymore he ran as fast as the wind towards Fai’s class. They had homeroom, so it wasn’t a big deal if he suddenly entered. The teacher and the rest of the class had gotten used to it actually. They didn’t even look up anymore when he ran inside.

‘’Lucinda joined!” he told Fai, not even a little out of breath as he said down in his usual seat in front of Fai. Not for the first time did he wonder if maybe no one sat there or if the kid was never there.

‘’Really?’’ Fai grinned as well. Maybe his ‘speech’ had done something good after all. Lucinda had probably needed some explaining, thinking that the underclassman was just being annoying by stalking her every day, while instead he was really thinking of Lucinda’s wishes.

‘’So just the lead guitar left then.’’

Colin nodded and started to lean back in his chair so he was balancing on the back two legs.

‘’Do you know anyone?’’

To Colin’s shock his friend shook his head.

‘’But you play bass!’’

Fai raised his left eyebrow. Colin wondered if he was even capable of raising his other one.

‘’Yeah, so? It’s not like we guitar players all know each other.’’

‘’I thought you had some kind of secret community or something.’’ Colin muttered, clearly disappointed that this was not the case.

‘’Why? Because you’re the founder of the Secret Drummers Society?’’ Fai joked, though Colin looked the exact opposite of joking.

‘’How do you know about that? It’s supposed to be a secret!’’ Colin’s eyes widened in realisation. ‘’There is a Secret Guitar Society, you just can’t talk about it!’’

Fai opened his mouth to protest. He had a feeling that the boy was being quite serious.

‘’No,’’ Colin raised his hand to shut the older boy up. ‘’You don’t have to say anything. I understand.’’

Colin was trying his best not to laugh, but Fai didn’t seem to notice this. That made it a lot more amusing for Colin.

Fai sighed. He actually felt kind of bad for Lucinda. She had no idea what she was getting herself into.

The End

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