It was the day after Fai had agreed to join Colin’s band, and Colin filled Liam and Leanne in on what had happened in excitement.

‘’Fai Hu?’’ Liam asked in shock.

‘’He joined your band?’’ both twins asked in shock, their purple and blue eyes wide.

‘’Wow, I did not see that one coming.’’ Liam sat and he sat down in his seat next to Colin. Leanne sat down in the one in front of the blond boy. She nodded in agreement with her brother.

‘’Yeah, who would’ve thought?’’

‘’So you now have a drummer and a bassist. Only vocals and guitar left, right?’’ Liam asked his friend  while grabbing his books from his bag. Colin knew the books were only for show, since the purple-eyed boy (yes, he still wore those contacts, to Leanne’s annoyance) hardly ever paid attention in class. Except in science, which was a given, since he could get himself blown up (not to mention Leanne and Colin, who were his lab partners).

Colin nodded enthusiastically, which meant even faster than when he normally nodded.

‘’So, you’re holding auditions for a singer then?’’ Leanne asked him, while waving at one of her friends.

Colin thought about that. To be honest, he hadn’t really given it that much thought yet. He considered singing himself, but that didn’t really work. He had considered asking Fai, but he wasn’t sure if the Chinese boy could sing. Besides, Colin didn’t want someone who could sing. He wanted someone who could blow everyone away when they sang. Someone who didn’t think of singing as just a hobby, but as something much, much more. Someone who considered singing a part of them and of their life. Where was he going to find someone like that, though?

He decided that he and Fai should hold a meeting after school. For this reason, he was now waiting for the pale boy at the school gate.


Fai Hu quickly grabbed his books and left the classroom. He couldn’t wait to get home and finish his book. He definitely wasn’t planning on doing anything else, so when he noticed Colin frantically waving at him from the school gates, he was fairly disappointed. Not to mention surprised; no one ever waited for him after school. Once Fai had reached the school gates, Colin grinned his usual boyish grin.

‘’About time!’’ Colin whined. ‘’I’ve been waiting forever.’’

Fai raised his left eyebrow.

‘’You didn’t have to wait.’’

‘’’Course I do!’’ Colin exclaimed heated. ‘’We’re friends aren’t we? Besides, we need to hold our first ever band meeting!’’ by this time, Colin was jumping up and down in excitement.

‘’I was actually planning to finish this book...’’ Fai stammered. He wasn’t used to people wanting to hang out with him, so he usually spent his afternoons either reading or on schoolwork.

‘’Pfft. Books.’’

‘’Don’t diss books, you’re treading dangerous ground.’’

Colin rolled his eyes at this, but grinned at the fact that his new friend had made a joke. If it was a joke. He had this eerie feeling that the boy had been dead serious.  

‘’You comin’ then?’’ Colin turned around and started to walk.

‘’Where to?’’ Fai asked, but he followed nonetheless. Colin turned around and  showed his boyish grin.

‘’Starbucks, ‘course! Where else?’’

Fai shrugged. How could he have known the hyperactive boy was a coffee addict? Oh wait, that might explain the hyperactive part. Unless it didn’t, and he’d get even worse after drinking coffee.

The two boys made their way to the nearest Starbucks, ordered their drinks- to Fai’s dismay Colin ordered a Frappuccino – and sat down.

‘’So...’’ Fai said, after taking a sip of his iced coffee. ‘’Band meeting?’’

Colin nodded like a bobblehead toy, already having drank half of his drink.

‘’We need to find a singer! Do you think we should try holding auditions or?’’

‘’Right.’’ Fai said, nodding.

‘’Unless you want to-‘’


Fai refused to sing in public. He’d might be okay with backing vocals where his voice didn’t stand out much, but he would never, never sing solo. There was the matter of him having stage fright, after all. He still didn’t know how he was supposed to get up on stage and play bass now that he had joined Colin’s band... Maybe he should mention his fear sometime.

‘’So... Auditions then?’’ Colin asked.

Fai nodded.

‘’We can always try I guess.’’


Thus, they put up posters for their auditions the next day. Colin never noticed how big his new school actually was. Fai just rolled his eyes at this.

‘’You’ve been here for nearly a week.’’

Colin retorted he only had been here for nearly a week. To which Fai muttered that it didn’t feel that way. Colin just pretended that he didn’t hear that, knowing full well that the older boy appreciated his company.

Anyway, Colin noticed for the first time how big his school was. He discovered the existence of the side building, were he apparently had science (how he managed to have missed that, he had no idea).

Colin wondered why there even was a side building. There wasn’t much there, besides extra classrooms, another library and auditorium. Okay, so the reason for there being a side building had most likely to do with space, but Colin still didn’t see the point. The school grounds were also larger than he initially thought. His old school didn’t have their own track field, but this one even had a tennis field. Too much money to spend, or what? Colin admitted it was pretty cool, though and he couldn’t wait to go and play. He didn’t wait, actually, and Fai had to drag him back to get back to the posters.

The auditions would be held next on Monday, so they had to make sure everyone noticed their posters. Fai didn’t show it, as he didn’t want his new friend to worry, but he was slightly worried that nobody would show up. Colin on the other hand was utterly confident that lots and lots of people would, and that at least one of them would be the perfect singer he was looking for.

That Monday the two boys were waiting in the auditorium for the candidates to arrive. Normally the school didn’t lend the auditorium to students, but this was a special case. Actually, it really wasn’t. Colin had talked and talked, until the teacher gave in. He grinned at the thought. Who said him being talkative never came in handy?

It was five to four and the auditions would start in five minutes precisely. They waited and waited. Fai was just thinking that his fear was about to get realised , when someone walked in. The two friends quickly straightened up and tried to look as professional as possible. Unfortunately, it was just Liam, who came to see how they were doing and asked if he could get them anything to drink. Colin was flattered that his friend had stayed at school to support them. Or maybe he was just bored. Or maybe he didn’t want to spend any time with his twin. There were in fact many reasons why Liam had stayed behind that had nothing to do with supporting Colin.

When Liam had just left to get two bottles of water, the door opened again. This time some small boy, probably a seventh or eighth year, came in.

‘’Um, are the auditions for the band here?’’

The boy really was small, probably twelve or thirteen years old. He had dark brown, almost black hair and just as dark eyes. He had light dark skin and an average build.
Colin nodded excitedly as an answer to his question and Fai made a hand gesture to the stage, to let the boy know he should get up there. The dark-haired boy walked up the stage and refused to look at Colin and Fai, who asked him for his information.

‘’Jessie Holden, year eight. I’m going to sing ‘Bycycle Race’ from Queen.’’

Well, Colin surely didn’t see that one coming. Personally, he had thought the boy would go for something like Bruno Mars. Or anything besides Queen, but oh well.

‘’Go ahead!’’ Colin was still in high spirits, as he was relieved that at least someone had shown up. He hadn’t told Fai, but honestly he had been a bit afraid that no one would even come to their auditions.

Fai on the other hand was praying that the boy could sing, otherwise his ears would be up for a nice treat.

The boy opened his mouth and Fai sincerely wished that he had never been born. He glanced at Colin, who had a pained smile on his face. It’s the devil, definitely the devil, Colin thought with a grimace.

Please, dear God, let it be over.

‘’Thank you, we’ll let you know if you’re our vocalist after the auditions are over.’’ Fai told him politely, silently thinking that that would never happen.

The boy left with a big smile on his face, probably convinced that he had done a good job and Colin felt a little bad. If only he knew about his terrible ‘talent’ or the lack of it.

‘’Well, I’m sure more people have showed up during his performance!’’ he said, the optimist he was. He wasn’t one to get negative, even if it looked bad. His father had once said, that if Colin started to talk pessimistic, things were looking dreadful.

‘’What? I can’t hear you. Jessie has damaged my ears too badly.’’

Unfortunately, no one showed up after Jessie. The auditions were until five thirty. There were only five minutes left and they all knew that no one would still show up this late. Colin took a sip of the water that Liam had gotten them. Liam had returned a few minutes after Jessie had left and had stayed with them the rest of the time.

‘’So, this eighth year really wasn’t that good?’’ Liam asked them. Fai looked at him in disbelief. Not that good was an understatement.

‘’Not that good? My ears are still ringing!”

‘’He was the devil, the devil in disguise. No doubt,’’ Colin confirmed. ‘’What are we going to do? We can’t let the devil join our band!”

Fai sighed. Colin was right. Not about the devil part, though he wasn’t entirely sure about that, but even though they were desperate to find a singer, they weren’t that desperate.

‘’We’ll just tell him that... He’s not what we’re looking for.’’

And that’s what they told Jessie, or the devil, as Colin grimly called him, when they came out of the auditorium.

‘’What do you mean I’m ‘not what you’re looking for’? I’m the only one who showed up!’’ Jessie yelled angry. His face became a strange red, which led to Colin hiding behind Fai whispering ‘Devil!’. Fai tried his best not to laugh and to remain calm. Liam couldn’t hide his grin though, since Colin was a lot taller than Fai was, thus it looked very comical.

‘’I’m sorry, but it’s just...’’

‘’Oh forget it!’’ with those words Jessie sped away.

Fai sighed and turned around to face Colin.

‘’What do we do now?’’

Colin sighed as well.

‘’Maybe we should just focus on finding a guitarist first...’’

Liam’s phone rang. He sighed at the sight of the caller.

‘’It’s my sis,’’ he hesitated, but picked up anyway. ‘’Yeah?’’

Liam’s eyes lit up- which were still purple by the way –as Leanne spoke.

‘’Really?’’ a big grin spread on his face and he gave the two boys a thumbs up. Fai raised his left eyebrow at this. ‘’Oh, that could be a problem... I’ll tell them.’’

Liam hang up and faced the two boys. Fai was still looking at him with his left eyebrow raised and Colin was practically jumping again. Sometimes it was hard to believe that he was fifteen years old, as he often acted like a toddler. Which was an odd sight, as the blond was almost 1.90 meters tall.

’’Lea says that Lucinda Jordan, from year thirteen has an amazing singing voice and we should check her out on Youtube.’’

Thus Fai grabbed his iPhone out of his pocket and searched for the girl on the website. As soon as Colin heard her voice, he knew she was the one. He was grinning from ear to ear, until he saw Liam’s grim face.


Liam sighed.

‘’She’s already in the track and field team, and apparently she takes it pretty serious. Doesn’t seem likely she’ll change clubs.’’

Colin’s grin returned however. So what if she was already in a club? If Colin’s assumptions about her were right, she would gladly switch.

‘’Trying never hurts!’’


That’s why Colin and Fai were watching Lucinda Jordan on the field. She indeed seemed very passionate, but Colin knew by hearing her sing that she was also very passionate about music. The two boys quickly made their way towards their senior when the training was over.

‘’We can’t just approach her like that!’’ Fai whispered.

‘’’Course we can!’’ Colin grinned and his friend rolled his eyes. Colin really didn’t see the problem. How else were they going to ask her to join?

Lucinda Jordan looked surprised to find the two juniors standing before her. She was taller than Fai, which made him feel a little uncomfortable, since everyone around him seemed to be taller. He wasn’t even that tiny, so why did he always feel like such a dwarf around everyone at school? They’re all giants, he told himself.

Lucinda had her long, brown hair tied back in a ponytail, since she had just had track practice and her bambi eyes looked at them in curiosity.

‘’We heard you sing on Youtube and I think you are perfect for our band. Would you please, pretty please with cherries on top- no wait, I don’t like cherries –with chocolate sauce on top join our band?’’

Fai, who was already used to the boy’s rambling, could follow him with ease. Lucinda on the other hand, was taken aback by the boy’s quick talking.


‘’We heard you sing on Youtube and I think you are perfect for our band. Would you please, pretty please with cherries on top- no wait, I don’t like cherries –with chocolate sauce on top join our band?’’

Lucinda was taken aback by his quick talking. She assumed this was normal for the blond boy, since his pale friend didn’t seem flustered at all.

‘’Wait, what?’’ she asked, slightly laughing. ‘’You have a band and you want me to be your singer?’’

The two boys nodded. Lucinda sighed. She blamed her brother for putting that video of her singing on the Internet. She didn’t think anyone would see it however, but apparently these juniors already had. Don’t get her wrong- she was flattered that these guys thought she was good enough to join their band, but she couldn’t possibly quit track, even if she wanted to. Which she kind of did, actually. Heck, it sounded like such fun to just quit track and join a band. After all singing was her passion, not track. Track was her parents’ thing, not hers.

‘’I’m sorry, but as you can see, I’m already in the track and field team.’’ She tried to walk away, but Colin reappeared before her.

‘’But you don’t love it as much as you love singing, right?’’ he asked with innocent eyes. 

Lucinda blinked, bewildered by the younger boy’s comment. How did he-

‘’Where did you get that idea?’’ she laughed nervously. ‘’I love track.’’ she tried to get past him, but he wouldn’t let her through.

‘’Do you love track, or do your parents?’’

Bull’s eye.

‘’That’s none of your business.’’ she finally got past him.

‘’Don’t you want to do something you love for a change?’’

Lucinda ignored him.

‘’We’ll be waiting for you!’’ he shouted after her. Confident, aren’t we?

‘’Yeah? Well then you can wait for a long time!’’

The End

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