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Buses were unloaded, schedules had been sorted, bags had been unpacked, and students had all been assembled. It was time for the yearly orrientation. Despite its recent cleaning and mild fixing up the seldom used auditorium still smelled like dust and mildew.  The bright, white lights poured down on the seats as the students shifted and talked amongst themselves excitedly.

The navy colored curtain finally began to draw back, revealing the headmaster organizing his notes for a final time and a small panel of teachers and a single student who looked oddly small but no less professional amongst their ranks. The voices of the students quickled died to nothing with the dimming of the lights.

"Good evening students, it's good to have you all here, I am Dr.Hamilton your headmaster..."

Most students in the audience continued to listen to the portly old man as he continued to talk about the changes to the rules, uniform, and other small things. A few, however, began to talk amongst themselves or listen to music. Time passed and even Leylah herself seemed to get bored of hearing the speech drag on, her head lolling a bit to the side.

Finally, he cleared his throat, drawing a lot of people out of their sleepy stupors," I would now like to invite Second Class Sergeant Leylah Heartfelt to the podium for a question and answer session, Ms.Heartfelt."

The shorter man moved to the side allowing the girl to the podium. Deftly she took the microphone and moved around to stand in front of the audience. Those who hadn't woken up before that, certainly had then. Her white blond hair had been pulled into a tight bun, and her fatigues had been exchanged for a tan uniform that was covered from the breast pocket upward with ribbons.

Her voice slowly filtered around the room," As ya know, m'names Leylah Heartfelt, I'm a Second Class Sergeant, meaning I out rank all of ya. So, ask me all you want, just keep it professional, alright?"

A few hands immediatley shot up in the air and Leylah pointed to one in the middle, the young man stood, his dark navy eyes landing on the rainbows that Leylah's seemed to throw," What are you?"

" 'Scuse me?" She said, wondering if, somehow she had misheard.

"What. Are. You." The young man was a second year, Leylah had done his class shadowing the year before, she couldn't recall his name though.

"Human, like you, I even bleed red if you really care so much. Next Question," she pointed out another second year.

"What laboratory did you come out of?"

"NEXT QUESTION," she jabbed her finger at the third second year, the only hand remaining in the air.

"Where you out of a test tube or did they use human incubation?"

"THAT'S IT ALL THREE OF YOU ARE OUT FOR LAPS," she had long since returned the mic to it's position, her voice pure military as she screamed out her order.

All three were ushered out by other teachers as Leylah continued to scream," The rest of you learn from this, just becuase somone is your superiour does not mean you can insult them under the guise of questioning!!" Her posture had straightened to one that could only be trained," You are all here to learn to respect your superiour officers as well as those that fall below you on the ladder! You're all the lowest of the low right now, students are below everyone else, even I as a third year have to obey anyone of lower rank as long as I am in classes!!!"

She took a deep breath, her voice finally returning to a normal volume, as she grabbed for the microphone," You guys haven't been on missions or anything yet, I have, s'not pretty, s'awful, and one day you'll have to face it. The classes you'll go through here are to both help with your every day combat situation down to some of the more obscure things you will have to do as a member of the Senshi Military. I apologize that this Q & A turned into a speech."

She put the mic back on the podium and walked off stage, everyone staring after her including teachers that had known her for her ability to handle pressure from anything and everything from being shot at to being ridiculed by a teenager.

Slowly the Headmaster returned to stand behind the dark podium," I believe all that needs to be said has been said, students, dinner will be at six, don't be late."


The End

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