Where the Snow Falls, QuietlyMature

Leylah should be your everday girl, born with a mother and a father and a sister that doesn't want to tear her to pieces. Instead, she has endured a life of Hell, from birth she and her twin have been used as science experiments at their own mother's whim and their father unknown. Leylah, in an attempt to escape her fate joined the Senshi Military, owned by the same company as the science lab that created her.
Lilith, on the other hand has had a slow decent into insanity, her only goal to dest

'Welcome back boys!'

The sentiment was an innocent one, pleasant even, unless you were Leylah Heartfelt, the only female student at that particular academy who thought of them as a curse. The campus was bare excepting her and the few teachers that were already setting up for their classes. So far she had been slowly but surely been kicked out of every room on campus including the weight room, pool, and the library. It was entirely unfair to expect her to entertain herself with only the stuff in her dormitory, she'd been stuck with it all summer after all.

Instead she was reduced to waiting for the teachers to set out the schedule tables, it wouldn't be long after that the buses would start showing up. She had circled the buildings three times now, each time greeted with the damned sign over the entrance into the main hall.

It wasn't until the clock chimed noon that the teachers began to set up tables for the schedules and Leylah helped, quietly following their orders without a single disagreement. Being on campus practically alone for two months had made her happy just to have people around again.

Soon after they were through the tell-tale sounds of buses rumbling over the dirt and gravel reached their ears and like an eager puppy, Leylah sprinted toward the drop off area. Laughter followed her as she went. She payed it no mind though as she waited for a specific person to get off of them.

 The first few people that trickled off of the bus were ignored as her irredescant blue eyes scanned over them, and then a much larger male emerged from the middle bus and seemed to be waiting for her.

His dark blue eyes met hers and with two bounds she had leapt into his arms.

"Angel," she said with the slightest bit of affection, hugging the much broader man tightly," You should stay on campus with me, I got bored a lot."

Gently he flicked her nose, grinning a bit," I can't. You know my Mother needs me at home whenever I can be, Ley."

Leylah hopped down off of him with an irritable grumble and started to drag him toward the tables," Where's Twinsanity?"

"On the newby bus, they got stuck with the Bitch Brigade too, so take pity on them when they show up."

She gave a dramatic sigh, showing the most emotion she had all day," I'm afraid I just can't do that."

The pair disapeared in the crowd of boys on their way to get their schedules about the time the first years bus pulled up. With it brought no more than thirty freshmen students at the military academy and one lone third year transfer by the name of Alexander Cobalt.

The asian boy stood taller than any of the first years as they got off the bus, bags in hand. He was already dressed in his field fatigues and with a sigh he followed the group of younger boys who in turn were following their upperclassmen. This was his third school, and this one was the one he fully intended on finishing out in. This school was remote, far from any of the big cities and the nearest supply town was only five miles up the road. It was the perfect location.

He had yet to notice that he had already been pegged by at least three people as a target. Two of which walked behind him dressed smartly in their school uniforms and looking the mirror image of one another. Jace and Jackson Wylie had a similar stalk to their walk and always carried an opposing cheshire grin that only looked complete when they walked side by side.

The other was none other than Leylah who had spotted him from atop Angel's shoulders. The happily glittering blue had frozen over at the site of the male, and suddenly, the school year looked as if it was going to be much less fun.



The End

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