Where The Shadows Began.


They first appeared out of the corner of my eye. I have been known to jump and look twice behind me a few times. I couldn't quite accept it then, but later knowledge and events will encourage change. I thought the usual things to my self like;

" what could it possibly be, why must my anxiety raise, even for a second?"

Anytime these "eye tricks" would occur, the same questioning thoughts would pop up;

"Its not like there is anything that could harm you if you don't believe right?"

My friend Vincent Doskowski, is quite a redundant character, of the fantasy goth/romancer type. He fancied H.P. Love Craft and Brian Lumley stories, as well as, most other authors of the same or similar spooky/thriller value. It was he who introduced the idea of 'Shadow Beings'.

We'd sit alone in the dark of my gloomy basement, with the lights off and two or three candles lit and we'd tell tales of horror that would usually make only my hairs stand on end. I could feel the goosebumps spread along my arms in what felt like tidal waves.

I would look up at Vincent with fear and calm would release it self in me, when I would look up at his heat straightened/onyx black hair. The candle light would illuminate the silhouette of his 'usual powdered white face', but would fill it temporarily with shades light amber colour. With his hair long 'when I say long, it's down to his butt' it was always left to stray in his face and hide all except a line of his facial features. I could swear though, that when I peered through his blue eye's, they where tinted with something other than color behind them.

It was than that night in my basement, that Vince took the thick musky black book out of the grocery bag and introduced me to the book. I looked at it mystified. Something about the book seemed to hold power. I looked at the bold and capitalized white lettering that read: NECRONOMICON

Confused I asked,

"What's this mean?"

Vincent replied with a sort of smile on his face, as if to say, this book holds answers.

I could swear that, if not all the candles, at least one went out and came back, longer then the usual flickering. Almost like something was let into the room with us.

It was than the shadows on the wall seemed to change and where no longer the two of us.  My chest became heaving with fear.




The End

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