I was still in San Francisco but I didn't want to be stuck in that apartment of mine. That below average, stuffy, ten-year-old flat number 417 of Granier Heights on Clarendon Avenue. I want to be served for once in my life by the city in which I have done all the serving; to my boss, to my friends, to my dad, to the dead even. Since my mom died, that's all I've been doing - serving other people. So why can't I ask for a little room service? A maid to do my covers? A prompt answer to a request for a pillow at three in the morning? The ought to do it for free.

So here I am having checked in, my car in a parking space for which I have to pay $4 an hour, and sitting on the bed of the Deluxe Room. This trip, I know, is going to get me bankrupt. Suck it up Laurel. Well the money I've saved wearing GAP's sale items and JC Penney's lingerie, rather than Calvin Klein and Victoria's Secret is finally leaving my AMEX card. Good for you Laurel. 

I picked up the phone and dialed the room service number. Brring brring... Why is no one picking up? 

"Hello? Room service" A tired voice of a woman said through the phone. 

"I'm calling from room 2135, can I get a cheese pizza, 12 inch and a bottle of... Champagne please? The best you've got thanks." This is fun, I'm finally in the movies. Or in one of the scenes at the very least. 

"Sure thing. We'll get it up to your room for you in about twenty minutes Ms...?" 

"Ms. Durant."

"Right, I'll get your order in as soon as possible. Good evening Ms. Durant." 

I hung up and looked in the mini fridge hidden by a wooden door blending in with the shelves. I felt the cold air blow onto my stomach as I bent down looking at the perfectly packaged M&M's, Mars Bars, Johnnie Walkers, and mini Vodkas amongst a wide selection of other alcohol drinks. My dad never touched these things in hotels, "Why pay three bucks for something you can get five minutes away for a dollar?"

Oh well, he's dead now so it doesn't matter. I took out a Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar, unwrapped it slowly, and seeped my teeth into the cold, yet soft, mouth-watering bar and savored every bite. I sat down on the bed and turned on TNT to the middle of a Law & Order episode. I hadn't done this in so long - too long. Sitting down in front of a TV eating sweets. It's a pleasure I never dared to get myself into for some unknown reason that I still can't justify. 

I could smell the hot, freshly made pizza even before I heard the knock on the door. I took in the champagne and the food, plopped myself back on the bed and mindlessly ate the delicious dishes, washing it down with sips of champagne from the shiny, fragile glass. At the muted commercial breaks I could hear the bubbles of my drink pop and fizz. I took another sip and smiled. 

The End

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