Gavin & Cotes

"Oh, Laurel, you're back! We were expecting you tomorrow. I'm really sorry for your loss... I hope you're doing well." Nina, the secretary, always going on about the talk of the office. She's the reason why everyone's staring at me pitifully. 

"I'm fine thanks. Just wanted to give this in." I handed her the envelope and waited for her to open it. 

"You're going away for a whole month?! Well it's probably best. Take some time off and relax. I should let Char -- Mr. Nolan know. One month is a long time." Oh Nina. Everyone knows about your little rendezvouses with your dear Charles Nolan, the boss in other words. 

Nina picked up the phone and waited for him to pick up. 

"Yes Mr. Nolan, sorry to bother you. Ms. Durant gave in her leave form for one month... Starting tomorrow sir.... Yes, yes... Thank you Mr. Nolan." She turned her gaze back to me, "You're good to go. A month with pay and this month's bonus, Mr. Nolan's instructions. I'll wire that over tomorrow first thing." Nice, boss. But I'm still not sleeping with you. Good try though. 

"Right. Well, I'll be off then." I walked back towards the elevator. Why do I work here? Why don't I resign? Right now.

What am I thinking? One of Dad's most proud moment was when I gave him that phone call from my new Gavin & Cotes office. What a day that was. 

As I left the building, I got out my cell phone and made a reservation at the Omni San Francisco Hotel. 


The End

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